Dollar Treemanagement

I was shopping today in the live oak florida dollar tree. A lady was shopping when management went up to her and very rudely demanded that she left.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Live Oak, FLThe manager then went into cussing her and followed her to the door continuing to do the same thing and then had the nerve to tell her if she needed anything to come back after 5. Very unprofessional in my opinion and I will not be back. This is a small town and word will get around how rude and arrogant that manager is!

  • Updated by JessicaI · May 09, 2017

    I went into the Live Oak dollar tree today, was doing my normal shopping just like any other time I am in there, when I was approached from behind by the store manager. She asked me what the [censored] i was doing. I responded, shopping. Then she told me to get the [censored]out of her store. I looked at her confused mean while asking my 15 year old daughter to hold on( I was on the phone with her) asked what was wrong and she stated that I needed to leave from her store asap. I grabbed my keys and wallet and started walking out. She yelled profanitity and be littlted me until I was out of the store. This is completely unprofessional!!! I will be contacting my attorney.

May 09, 2017

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