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I am complaining about a few cashier workers that worked today around 8am to 5pm. These female workers were rude, grumpy, snooty towards the customers, one serviced an African American lady and I that I am a white person she closed the cashier and walked away without telling me and the person behind me that she was taking get lunch break. The other cause got upset cause she had to serviced me and the person behind me and tested us as if she was very disgusted with us she was rude, cranky spoke to me in an unprofessional way that makes me not want to return to this store again. I am so upset about the way I was serviced.

  • Updated by Virginia prez, Jan 11, 2017

    I don't understand why a worker could work in Dollar Tree knowing that they have to be around other people, white people and feel they can speak to them any which way, rude and unprofessional. That makes the company look bad, that is how you loose customer, I think they should be fired I go to cause I like the deals but I will not tolerate that kind of service and no one else should either.

Jan 11, 2017
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