Dollar Treeemployee

On 04-25-2017 i Michelle Marsh -Langley enter Sheridan Oregon store,
A employee was very rude walk off front counter to the back started cussing and slamming boxes like she was mad then when leaving she walked off again this as we went to cash out and started freaking out in back room screaming cussing throwing fits .See Top 10 Worst Companies in Sheridan, ORSaturday went in select market sheridan across from Dollie tree employee started yelling at me from the enteresway after I was at the back of store to get out I was 86 from Dollor store and select market because same management. I asked what for that employee from Dollor tree said I verbally and physically attacked her.her name is Rachelle.
Now my ex of six years, recently moved in with her he finally moved his stuff out the week before of my storage.
Well now she's telling everyone in town I beat her up. And I been going to select market before I was five. I never said a word to this lady except hello, I'm furious and called a lawyer I can not believe this has happened [protected]. [protected]

May 01, 2017

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