Dollar Treecustomer service

I came in this morning I saw the assistant manager and a cashier cleaning windows and window ledges of the entrance of the store. It felt so good to walk in to the fresh smell of a Pine-Sol clean store. I love coming to this dollar tree the associates and some of the managers are so friendly. This happened around 10am. I came back with my husband to get a few more items and there was another manager on duty his name is Sam. I walked up to his line and he snapped at me telling me that his register was closed. There was only two other registers open and their lines was extremely long. The assistant manager Sam walked outside and got on his phone gathering one shopping cart at a time while the line continuously getting longer. Another customer went outside to ask the manager if he could get on to help the lines he responded by telling the customer "no". What a difference of treatment that I received earlier this morning. I was very unhappy with the service I received this evening. The atmosphere was totally different at 3:30pm. I don't know the assistant or the cashier names that worked this morning but they greeted me and other customers with a Good Morning and a smile. The assistant and cashier came in when she was called and also jumped on the registers when needed. When they got their lines down they went back and continued to clean. Much praise for the morning crew at dollar tree 1329 augusta west parkway, augusta ga. They need recognition for their friendly customer service and keeping their store so clean on 5/6/2017.

May 06, 2017

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