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Vancouver, WashingtonVancouver, United States

I went to the dollar tree at 6700 ne 162nd ave vancouver, wa 98682 10/19/2018. This store is the most disgraceful dollar tree i've ever been too! Their customer service is absolutely disgusting. On this date specifically I brought my son, who has severe adhd and autism, into the store. He was a little hyper active but nothing out of the ordinary. He kept "skipping" throughout the store because he was excited to be buying things for his brothers birthday party. He was asked once to stop skipping. He did so until I he asked for a balloon and I told him "yes!" he then skipped over to get a balloon and the cashier, a little older lady with blonde hair (I wasn't able to catch her name in all the ruckus) yelled as loud as she could "quit running! You've been told three times now) in a very unprofessional and disrespectful manner! The whole store went silent and my son was extremely embarrassed. He began to cry and stormed out of the store. I had to go out and calm him down, which took quite some time. When I went back into the store to retrieve my items my father had stepped in and was trying to explain to the store manager that what her cashier did was out of line and wrong. Out of anger he had raised his voice a little. The store manager herself was very polite and had the situation under control until one of her other workers, who had no idea what was going on, stepped out from the back and began yelling across the store at my father. Then other customers became involved. They agreed that it was extremely unprofessional but that it didn't need to be as big as it was. It wouldn't have been a huge ordeal had the other coworker not started yelling at my father. While this was all going on my son remained in the car crying and embarrassed. He kept repeatedly saying"i'm sorry! I wasn't running and I wasn't trying to do this". After ten minutes of the staff verbally assaulting my father and I they asked us to leave. Which we did. We left behind well over $100 worth of products we would have bought. I was in absolute disbelief that this got as out of hand as it did. The store manager was handling the situation and yet the other staff felt it necessary to get involved and attack us even more than the cashier attacked my son. I had a talk with my son and explained to him why she yelled at him and that it's unsafe to"skip"in a store. He understood and apologized again. He is terrified to go into any dollar store now. We took our business to the store in camas and he stayed in the car because he was so traumatized by her screaming at him the way she did. I understand their stores concern with safety but the way this cashier handled the situation itself was absolutely wrong! Especially given the fact that my son has disabilities, which I understand doesn't excuse his behavior either. She could have come to me or had her manager come to me and I could have handled the situation or even took my son to the car. He did not need to be yelled at the way he was nor embarrassed to the point that he began to cry and ran out of the store. This isn't the first even time i've had an issue with this cashier either. She scalded me one day for my 11 month old daughter, who is in a car seat and wasn't walking at the time, for not having shoes on. She told me"next time you come in here she has to have shoes." i'm sorry but that's just outrageous. Not only was she an infant in a car seat but this store doesn't have any kind of open food. I will not return to this store which is a shame because i've been shopping there since they've opened and usually have a good experience. For the last few months though, the people they hire are very rude, unprofessional and should not be working with the public. Not only
Have they lost my business, but my whole entire family is now refusing to go there. I have a lot of family. This cashier and other worker (a hispanic boy) should be fired. They literally were screaming at us. Any other place would fire them. I have half the mind to take it to the media. Have them do a report on employees not trained properly on how to handle children.

Oct 20, 2018

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