Dollar Tree / customer service and awesome refill spill

Harrison Ohio, US

I'm a loyal dollar tree customer and usually spend about $40 every time I visit. I either have to go to Ohio or Kentucky to go to a dollar tree since I live in lawrenceburg Indiana. They're about 30 min from me, so no matter which location I choose, I have to drive about 30 min. I have been to the Harrison Ohio dollar tree numerous times, and every time I go, the employees are so loud and rude, yelling and cussing at each other from across the store and talking about their personal lives with a store full of customers. On one occasion, a cashier had her light on, and after people had put everything on the belt of her register, she would tell them to go to a different register that didn't have her her light on. The line was so backed up and people had 20+ items on her register belt that they would then have to put back in their cart and go stand in a huge line. On February 2, 2017, I had spent $42 on products, and like I said, had to drive 30 min there and 30 min back. I had gotten home only to realize that my awesome refill had spilled all over everything I had bought. They're always sealed and have the lid on tight, but apparently I had picked up one that wasn't sealed with the cap barely on. I feel as if the employees were doing their jobs, they would notice something wasn't sealed and to take it off the shelf. So I spent $42, and spent an hour of my time driving to and from this dollar tree, wasting my gas money and time only to have to throw everything I had bought away because this chemical that's always sealed had spilled on everything I had bought. Not to mention the fact that I had to clean up a huge mess on my floor after throwing everything away. I've called customer service about 5 times and left numerous messages. This happened a month and a half ago and I've never gotten an apology or a phone call from everyone. I sat on the phone for 30 min one day only to be transferred to another voicemail. I'm extremely upset about how poor the customer service is and upset with all of the money I've wasted on this horrible shopping trip and I can't even get an apology from anyone. This is ridiculous and I will not be shopping at this dollar tree anymore and will have to think hard before I walk into another dollar tree again. As a customer who always spends a decent amount of money, I expect to be treated well when shopping and expect at least an apology after 40 items I had purchased had to go into the trash.

Mar 12, 2017

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