Dollar Tree / cashier accuse us of stealing her phone

Brooklyn Center, MN, United States

*My husband and I stopped by the Dollar tree located on 5930 Earle Brown Drive Suite # 100 Brooklyn Center, MN 55430 around 5pm something. We purchase $30 worth of stuff. We got in line, pay for our stuff and left the store. We had put our stuff at the back seat. As we drove off for a couple of minutes we hear a song playing behind us, we thought it was really weird because neither of us recognize the song. It ring again.

I reached over and got one of our bag since we only have 1 bag on the left side of the back seat. I saw a strange looking rectangle and pulled out it was a phone we turn on the screen and notice it was the cashier who has scan our items for us. It ring for the 3rd time. My husband picked up and kindly asked "Hello?" She then respond back saying: "Bring my phone back." My husband then, told her that "you probably accidentally dropped it off in our bag but we will drive back and drop it off."

As we approach the store. Got out of the car. Walked towards the store not even half way there, the cashier came out and my husband hand her phone back to her, she did not even say "thank you." She just walked away. I then said : "at least say thank you." The cashier turn around and said "for what? You guys took my phone?" Both of us was confuse and shocked. It lead into a argument. She accuse us of stealing her phone. We tell her that we did not steal her phone. We have no idea how it got into our bag. She kept accusing us. Another lady came out, now this lady we did not know that she was the manager until My husband asked to speak to the manager and she said it was her.

Now What really upset my husabnd and I was that, the manager did not do anything to cool down the situation. She let her employee verbally harass us and use profanity towards us and lastly accusing us of something we didn't do. I then told the manager you need to view your camera and tell us if we really took your employee phone or not? Because we did not.

According to the cashier story: she said she always place her phone at the same place every time it never went missing. I am not sure how close her phone was to the shopping bags. She then proceed to say, she saw my wife paying for the stuff and I was standing near the section where the cashier would bag our stuff and put it there for the customers to grab. What she meant is that since I'm the closest to the shopping bag I must of took her phone. There's no way I can reach for her phone without her seeing me, or my wife or the lady behind us seeing me.

When my wife question her did she see one of our hand reached over and grab her phone. There was no clear answer but she kept telling my wife to STFU. And just kept saying she knew we stole her phone because if we didn't why would it be in our bag.

We told her if our intention was to steal your phone, we would not return back to its owner.

I was really shock and disappointed because my family and I has always been shopping at this dollar tree for years. I told my husband that I will no longer shop at this location due to this incident.

Sep 14, 2017

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