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Dollar Rent A Car / what was supposed to be a weekend getaway turned into a stressful nightmare

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I reserved a rental car online for my vacation using my debit/check card, thoroughly reading the terms and conditions before hand and understood the hold that would be placed on my card. When I arrived at Dollar Rent A Car in Las Vegas (from Seattle) I was told that they could not accept my debit/check card because it had already been run through them and denied once earlier that day, even though I had just arrived and had not used my card. After a long wait they finally manually put me into their system since they could not accept me electronically. When I arrived to return the car, on time, I was told that I had not rented a car from them and they could not find me in their system (probably because I was manually entered). After some hassle I was finally given a slip to take to the front counter. On the slip the wrong return time had been written down. They showed the time that it now was, not the time I arrived, making me a half hour late on my rental. When I addressed this at the counter (15 minutes later) I was told not to worry about it and that there would be no additional charges. Because I was manually entered they could not give me an electronic receipt and had to manually make a receipt. They obviously did not know how to do this, as I watched 4 men wander aimlessly around their "office" for 15 minutes trying to find the paperwork to do this, and whisper to each other (obviously in confusion), as I missed check-in time for my flight. I made sure they took my card and ran the charge through to release my funds, per the terms and conditions I agreed to online at reservation. By the time they processed everything and were ready to send me on my way, it was too late to make my flight. When I complained about the amount of time this had just taken, and that I had missed my flight and inquired about when the hold on my funds would be released since they now have the car back, so that I could make arrangements to take the next flight back home, the gentleman was very polite and said that typically the hold is released at midnight, but he would try to expedite the hold for me so that I could make my arrangements and get to work the next morning. When I went to purchase another ticket for my flight out, the funds were still on hold. The funds were still on hold the following day and when I called customer service they explained to me that they could not release the funds. In addition they still showed my account still open and the car not having been returned yet. After explaining to 3 different associates that I no longer was in LasVegas any longer, but calling from my work in Seattle and that I in fact did return the car, payment should have been processed the night before and that I was assured that my funds would be released by midnight at the latest, if not sooner - they finally were able to close my account. I was over charged for the rental for an additional day because of their mistakes, missed a flight and to top it all of, over the next 4 to 5 business days my funds were STILL on hold. My account is now overdrawn because of the many charges I received by these mistakes. What was supposed to be a weekend getaway turned into a stressful nightmare of financial issues due to their mistake of holding my funds for a total of 7 days, instead of 3 as agreed to. I want my money back. And my dignity.


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