Dollar Generala female employee

I was in the Greers Ferry Dollar General tonight (April 27, 2017) and the female employee that was working was screaming at the male employee. Literally screaming at him. This was an adult woman who was throwing a tantrum like a child! And she was an employee! This is a business not a daycare. She is one of the reasons I go in this store as little as possible. I have seen her there almost every time I have gone in there and she is one employee I avoid.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Greers Ferry, AROne of the reasons is because I watched her watch a customer shoplift and she did NOTHING about it. I even asked her if she saw it and she just laughed a little and said "yeah" and that was it! I was ashamed to go back in there for such a long time after that. Then tonight when I went in there to have to witness her acting so horrible just put me over the edge. I doubt I will go in there again because of this woman. Something honestly needs to be done about her. She was verbally abusive (including foul language) to the other employee and I was NOT the only witness to this either.

Apr 27, 2017

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