Disney Store / service, employee (juanita) store manager

Norridge, IL, United States

Disney Store #00946 (Norridge, IL 60706)
Time: 6:08 pm
Reg: 002
Cashier: 423040
Till: 004
CM: Julienne M
Trans: 3662

Yesterday I had purchased over $200 worth of merchandise at this Disney store location. The store was closing today. Last day to be open. I return today to exchange a t-shirt from an XS to a Medium. I spoke to the person in charge. The store Manager named Juanita. She declined to provide her last name. I told her my situation that I just wanted to do a size change. She says that everything is final sales because the store is closing. My request is not that complicated. I had my receipt. I understand that it is final sales but in the back of the receipt it state excluding clothing. Yet Juanita insisted that she cannot help me. She informed me to go out of my way and go to a different location to exchange one T-shirt. Juanita state that it would messed up her inventory count. I was only asking for an exchanged to a different size to the same item. It was not like I was asking for my $ back. She made feel like I had stolen the item. I had my receipt but Juanita kept stating that they do not have to abide to the return policy since they were closing. For a store Manager not to be able to assist me is unacceptable. My request was not outrageous. The service was poor.

Jan 15, 2018

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