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During the recent months I have seen that you have released a Mickey's Memories collectable series, which I am very fond of. How ever I have come across some issues which I think myself and many others would like to address to you. Starting with how many can be bought.
There has been a reduced amount one can buy, but 4 per household just seem wrong. There are people who want to buy these as a collectable item and are unable to due to the fact that others buy them and sell them across the online shopping website for a my research I have found that one has been put for auction for other £300 and that is just addition to this people are selling these for ridiculous prices, the February release has been put on Ebay for £500. As a result people are unable to complete their collection and other people are making a huge profit out of you're product. I understand that some people may not be able to go to their nearest store and buy one due to certain situations but how can you come to terms with one household having 4 of the limited edition items. It is understandable that you have no control over what happens after the customer has bought the Mickey, but it is in my opinion that it would benefit both you as the company and us as the customer if we can go to the store knowing that we have a greater chance of buying a Mickey from the collection and not have to rely on online store and possibly buy a fake product. As a way of resolving this I believe that one customer can only buy a maximum of 1 and that there is 2 for how many applies for each household.
Secondly the amount of Mickey's per store is outrageous simply because there are too few for the customers who want to buy one. As of now there are 40 Mickeys per store and if one person each person bought 2 Mickeys then only the first 20 in the line would get one, and the other 30 out of 50 potential buyers. As I go to buy one of the Mickeys I line up and within 10 minutes they are gone simply because of the fact that the amount that people buy is far to high. If you were to put more Mickeys on the shelves there would be a greater chance for people to buy one and again saves the need for having to go to an online store.
As a customer of the Disney store I very much enjoy buying your products and using them in my life. Also if I'm buying a product I only need one of it and I do not see why this isn't the same for the collectable items of Mickey Memories. To save the worry of one collectable product getting ruined the customer could have a certain time line in which if the product gets ruined in any way and they have proof of buying the Mickey in addition to evidence of a broken product then they may have a replacement. This may improve how may people buy one and may not decrease how may unsatisfied customers the sore has each month. This may also apply on the online store if they have an online proof of purchase.
It would be very much appreciated if I could get a reply to the following email address:

Disney Store

Mar 18, 2018

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