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I bought a sweatshirt and a T-shirt through on October 4th. The promise of delivery at my hotel in New York was October 11. Exactly what I needed, because I would travel back to Brazil on this date.
I received orders from Amazon and Walgreens, made in the same day, with no surprises.
But my Disney order...
The delivery date was changed to October 13, then "reduced" to October 12, when I would be in Brazil.
Ok, let's call customer service.
"Orders placed after noon are only counted the following day." There is nothing anywhere on that says it to the consumer.
"Could not you call the carrier and personally go get the box?" Yes, the attendant made me this proposal: stop visiting the city that you came to tour and spend hours behind an inefficient Disney delivery.
"There is a carrier's warning regarding Hurricane Irma and Harvey." I replied that I placed orders on 2 other sites and these arrived in order and even before the promised date. One of them uses the same carrier as Disney... Curious, right?
Well, I imagine Disney will not worry about a consumer who has lost $ 100 in a purchase with them because they have millions of other customers who pay what Disney asks to have their goods.
What I do know is that, if possible, I do not buy anything from Disney, mostly at

Oct 13, 2017

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