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Dishtv India Ltd / pathetic customer service!

1 India Review updated:

DishTV Network in India started with a lot of promise it was a undeniable success to a large extended for the following reasons:

1. Monopoly-No other Network was available other than the local cable network.
2. Lesser Investment Required- If you wanted to have a full fledged viewing, you needed at least a minimum of 4 dishes where investment cost was higher.
3. Huge demand in the Middle East Countries- There a huge demand of DishTV Boxes for Indian Expats in the middle east countries for the STB as NSS 6 signals are received here.

Even through the people have supported the DishTV in their endeavor, looking into the totality of the customer have been taken for a ride. When looking from outside it has been a house in disorder with a weak top brass so to say. Very poor customer care policies, keeping at arms length all its customers. May be they still think that they are running an old steam engine.

Major Drawbacks of DishTV India Network:

1. Pathetic Customer Service: I. Never responds to any query on the email even if you have logged in as a customer.
II. If you are lucky to get a email reply, don’t be surprised if it comes after a week.
III. Centralized operations sitting in Nodia and the poor quality of Customer Service Staff.
IV. Gets calls from only Hindi speaking Customer Care Executives when you not comfortable speaking in Hindi as it is not your mother tongue.
V. Online Credit Card Payment system never works.
VI. Transparency of you changing your viewing package not available.
VII. Major Drawbacks in the June 06’ Maxi Malayalam Package and Dec 06’ Maxi Package which cost you mush lesser with more of Hindi channels added.
VIII. No response to any account details and poor tracking to resolve issue.
IX. If you have Ordered 1 DISH TV MOD (Movie On Demand) you may be surprised to see that you would have been charged for 4 movies. You would know that only if you have viewed your statements online.
X. Most important thing is that, if a customer finds that his grievances are not resolved, they must give alternate contact details, so that the issue goes to the next level and is addressed there.

If you look into an over all picture, DISH TV India services has been very bad in terms of customer Care and this is not the view expressed by me but most of the Dish TV Customer whom I know. It is now high time that they come off age and pull up their sock under a New Dynamic CEO of ZEE Network or Tata SKY is going to score over you.

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  • Sa
      19th of May, 2008
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    Truly, the service provided by DISHTV is pathetic. For more than 10 days now I have had no service and I keep getting the msg. "301 - No Signal". I made several complaints and got several complaints numbers but still nothing has been done. The only time I get calls from DISHTV is when they want to know why I have not made my payment yet. I have told them that unless the service is fixed - I will not pay. To this they responded - It's ok if I wanted to disconnect, I should contact a local dealer to solve my problem. I have spoken to several so-called supervisors but still no service. A few days ago, someone identifying himself as a service engineer called and said that he was coming to check on the problem - but as one can expect from this pathetic company - no one turned up. This is a money-fleecing company, and I regret the day I bought their services. DO NOT BUY DISHTV !!!

  • Ma
      13th of Jun, 2008
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    My Recommendation, never go for DISHTV. The customer care is a bunch of leech and lazy people. They don't have any clue about what they do.
    Here goes my story that is in the form of my emails to [email protected] :
    Dear Sir,

    I am not sure if this mail is going to alert person of deaf system. I never felt so helpless in my life, before this.

    Just wanted to update you with the more information regarding my traumatic experience with DISHTV.

    Like a Brand Loyal fool I again contacted DISHTV customer care today and waited 10 minutes before someone could pick up my phone. Anyway the conclusion of 30 minute long call were

    - Again the supervisor did not come online and let the front desk callers tell me that he will get back to me.

    - I again got another reference number So the reference numbers I have now . 1308806 / 13174260 / 13850735 / 13360916 and I don’t remember the initial numbers that were given at the end of April and start of May.

    - Again after asking about some mail id of senior official of DISHTV, I was told [email protected] is the ultimate mail id and it goes to all high officials.

    - Again the front desk staff told me to wail for supervisor and cut the phone after 3 minutes of wait.

    While getting my Dish uninstalled in Gurgaon, I paid Rs 300 to your local service guys, all unofficial because I could not wait to vacate my residence there just because someone from DISHTV will come and uninstall it. (I would have been waiting till now!)

    After coming to NOIDA also if I would have paid Rs 500 to your local support person, I would have got my DISH installed ages ago. The day I got the number of local support staff from your customer care staff, I should have guessed that probably I have to give some ‘underhand amount’ to get my DISHTV installed.

    But Gentleman, now there are other options. I am moving to consumer court and trying to put this story to some responsible press chains. Probably it might uncover the ‘underhand deal’ story about such a good brand DISHTV, that higher management is not aware of!


    Manish Pathak

    your relations are unique, why don't you define them?


    From: Manish Pathak [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Friday, June 13, 2008 4:48 PM
    To: '[email protected]'
    Subject: I wished but could not DISH?
    Importance: High

    Hello Mr. Ranjit,

    This mail I wanted to send to higher management of DISH TV. But, could not manage to get their email id. I hope that you will spare time to go through this mail and forward to Mr. Chandra and other responsible people there. I am sure that this issue will be positively take by the management for betterment of the company.

    I would like to bring this issue to you as a customer as well as an investor with your company. This is related to the poor condition of the customer care of DISH TV.

    I was based out of Gurgaon and got a DISH TV subscription. On 29th of April 2008, I logged a request to the DISH TV Customer Care, that I am moving to Noida and would like someone to move my connection there at the new address. I was told that the transfer would be done within 24-48 hours including the installation at Noida address.

    2 days went and no one contacted us. We had to call a local vendor and get the Dish un-mounted. We brought that with us to Noida sector-62 at our new residence.

    Again there was complete silence! I called the customer care again on 10th of May regarding this and answer was – We are facing some ‘logistical’ issues. Great! They gave me a complain number and told that within 24 hrs someone will call me and install the DISH. Obviously nothing happened!

    Again after some days I called the customer care and after 35 minutes wasting my time what I got was- I apologies- and another complain number. Some days passed and on persistent call from my wife, I again called Customer care and asked that I want to talk to some senior person- I was put on hold for 25 minutes! I cut the phone and again called someone. She told that the supervisor will call be in 5 minutes as he is busy! Of course I did not get a call from the supervisor! What is the use of a supervisor if he is not able to supervise?

    I called again and I was put on hold saying that the supervisor is busy and please be on hold for some time. I was on hold for 10 minutes and the same person tells that he has talked to the supervisor and the issue will be shorted ‘today’. You guessed correct- Nothing got shorted. Somehow I got cell number of your local support staff (Mr. Pandey) and he was rude enough to tell me that he will not install the DISH until he gets the request from Backend.

    In between I kept on getting SMS that you need to pay subscription charges. And one fine day I got a call from Renewal department- your subscription is due, please renew it. I told my story to the gentleman and I was told that – Sir aap customer care se baat karo- On detailing the story to him, he just could help me by saying, Sir karenge to wahi, aap call karo…. This reminded me the days of Old BSNL, when there was MONOPOLY and Telephone Babu was everything!

    I called today to the customer care and requested to get the email id of some senior official. Reply was- Sorry sir, we don’t have their e-mail ids. I went to your Noida sector-57 office and the guard told me that no one can meet any official without appointment. And there was no number available to contact any official there!

    I am very insisting person and this has happened with me, I could just think about other customer who just would change the service provider.
    My company works in the field of Bond Building, and I am sure that you are aware of the fact that – It takes 10 times less to retain an existing customer than to get a new one. What are you doing to retain one?
    The employees and associates are your Interface with the customer. Only with the words- I apologies, This I can not solve, can I help you in something, I really regret, There was some technical issues, logistical issue- you are not going to retain a customer.
    We talk about pampering customer and see what you are doing.
    A user, after this all will be left with two options- change the company, or go to the consumer court and fight it out- gross deficiency in service! In both the condition DISH TV is loosing.

    I am sure that this story is not just happening with me. Please take it as positive feedback though my entire pain in this process is not going to lessen by any amount, but Mr. Chandra has been pioneer in some fantastic ideas in the industry and I want his ideas to RULE.

    With warm Regards,

    Manish Pathak

    If you don’t take care of your customers, somebody else will!

    Make them feel special!

  • Ra
      6th of Jul, 2008
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    I have similar issue. chasingt he dealer and the Dish Tv customer care since last 4 days but no response TV is dead now.

  • Km
      19th of Aug, 2008
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    I too have very bitter experience with Dish TV.I put up a complaint on 26th of July regarding reinstating camera-set top box connection which was disconnected accidently.In spite of almost 6-7 follow ups the status of the complaint as of today is "open". Whenever I start following up again with them they are "too apologetic" that the complaint is not resolved yet !
    It seems Dish TV have some thorough non professionals in their customer care service section.
    They should be made accountable to these malpractices.

  • De
      5th of Oct, 2008
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  • Ta
      17th of Oct, 2008
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    dear sir i requst for this dish tv master ihave new reciver but not open signal and dish tv channel .reciver serial no 0848ABF20DS65423

  • Kl
      5th of Nov, 2008
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    I agree fully. It is a big mistake that we continued with Dish TV for all these days knowing the transmission problem.
    We are a Dish TV customer since 1st March 2006 and had purchased Dish TV from Trilok Enterprises, Mulund (East) from Mr. Vijay. Our VC number is 01500842930.

    Till November 2006 the transmission was OK except sometimes during the rainy season. We have several times intimated this problem to Dish TV service centre. But no action was taken by them so far After this we had very bad transmission with only few channels available in spite of paying the money for entire package till now. The last E-mail sent to Dish TV service centre at Noida was on 13 October 2008. The reply E-mail dated 23 September 2008 was that waiver will be give after completing the problem.

    After reply from service and subsequent intimation to service franchise “ICON TECHNOLOGY” at Bhandup, Mumbai; the Service Engineer has attended our complaint. After the diagnosis, as per his wisdom, first he told us that the LNB needs to be replaced for good transmission. The charge estimated for the same was Rs 170/- (Service charges) + Rs 270/- (Cost of LNB) which amounted to Rs 440/- . We agreed hoping that the problem would be solved.

    However after changing the LNB, There was not much change in the quality of transmission. “Signal Not Found” message was coming for many of the channels. For this, he further suggested to change the Dish because it was rusted. However Dish TV marketing brochure says that the dish is rust-free. This point should be noted.

    But even then we agreed to go for the replacement of the dish for an additional charge of Rs 480/- + installation charges Rs. 225/-. Even this was agreed by us with the hope of improvement in transmission. But even after changing the Dish along with LNB, there was no improvement at all. Service Engineer further suggested that entire wiring from the dish up till our set top box needs to be changed and charges for that came to Rs 384/-(32 meters at the cost of Rs 12 per meter). We even agreed to this with a last hope of improvement in quality of transmission. With all these modifications the total cost has escalated to Rs 1359/-

    On 22nd October 2008, with all these modifications, the transmission had definitely improved. But the very next day, i.e., on 23rd October 2008, when we switched on the TV, we could see only a blue screen on TV. We immediately informed the Service Center. The Service Engineer has attended to the problem and said that there is a problem with the set top box and he has taken it for repairing and informed that after 6 days it will be brought back to my residence only after we pay for the repair charges. We feel that the set top box has gave problem because the service engineer has taken several time this Set Top Box to roof top on 6th floor for signal tracking exercise. I don’t agree that voltage fluctuation could be the reason as I am using a voltage stabilizer. We are not to be held responsible for this as we have taken all necessary and proper care of the maintenance of the set top box. Also in spite of request for a stand by set top box, the service centre had not provided a standby Set Top Box the duration in which the faulty set top box was taken for repair(6 days).

    All these replacement and wiring have brought the cost to such an extent that with this cost we could have gone for a new connection from either TATA Sky/BIG TV/AIRTEL along with 12 months free transmission.
    The Dish TV management with reference to their mail dated 23 September 2008, promised to give waiver of subscription for the duration of the transmission problem (loss transmission of 50% Channels we have suffered from November 2006 till this date).

    My complaint against Dish TV Company is:

    1. My renewal of subscription with Dish TV is ending on 18-11-2008, where as the transmission from Dish TV was totally cutoff since 21-10-2008. The dish TV should refund the last quarterly subscription paid to them (Rs.786/-).
    2. Dish TV should refund the amount paid to the service centre Rs.1359/- towards improvement in quality of transmission, which they have failed.
    3. Dish TV should pay a reasonable amount as decided by consumer court for the loss incurred by my family in not able to watch the different channel those could not viewed by us because of loss of channel for which we have paid the subscription from November 2006 to November 2008. (At least Rs.3, 00, 000/-)

  • Kr
      13th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have a complaint to you that on my VC no. 015062369200 some channel is not active as 9XM, National (DD1) etc. I had complaint to you from SMS, my complaint no. is 17423755. Please solve my problem.

  • Mo
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    To give an insight on Dish TV to you guys in a few words :
    Dish TV Guys are Robbers in Business Suits

  • Ra
      15th of Feb, 2009
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    I agree to what has been said on the top. Quality of Dish TV customer care staff is wrost I could experiance.
    Recharge is one of the biggest issue at Dish TV. I normally do it with credit card but web server is very slow, many gateway is down. even if you are lucky enough to make payment. Without calling customer care fool's you will not channels. Many time during the call with customer care executive you can also listen to ans to quaries of other customer. I dont what is the option for the customer to change from Dish TV to any other operator.

  • Ma
      17th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    my dishtv v/c no.-01507526450 is been off from oct-08
    when it will on

  • Ma
      17th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    change v/c-01501089651 with dealer id-11700 into v/c-01507526450 inthe same id(11700)&show there all chennal

  • Dm
      14th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    The customer care dept responded within 2 hrs to my complaint about DO NOT Disturb by sms. So they do respond but wont acknowledge their fault.
    Their promotional ads on sms is very annoying as it disturbs while driving or in a meeting.
    I have registered for Do Not Disturb under the central Govt Do not Disturb and also with my mobile service provider. But customer care says I havent. Their ads and others block the sms inbox and important messages cannot come through. They can send their ads through email or on their set top box.
    They refuse to be innovative like Tata sky. So I have cut off Dish TV.

  • Pr
      17th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Dish TV is a useless net work. Their customer service is very worst. They don't care to their customer. Each of their package is useless and they do not serve all on telecast and if you complaint to the customer care their reply keep on the TV and hang on 550 (Zee) channel for until your service get rectified. Every week end such type of problems rises and our week end we suffer without TV Chanel's.

    dish TV is showing big big advertisement attracting customer through Shahruk Khan name and fame paying big amount on add but their technical and customer service teams were not serving well may be due to less payment. I feel just throw their box and get my previous cable connection again.

    So, dear friends, please do not go fool on your self looking at DISH TV advertisement.

  • Am
      18th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    @ Prakash,

    Thatmight be the case with you. But le me tell you dishtv is haveing the best packages and most economical packages when compared with other DTH players, further dishtv packages are well balanced and have all types of channels available in all packages. Like their platinum pack will have almost all the channels at only Rs.283+ tax. where as if you want the same set of channels on any other platform then you have to spend more then Rs.400.

    Also Every body will have their own expererience with customer care might be you don't have very good exp. but mine is good with customer care they are good and polite and really tries to help you out.

    Further you haven't mentioned about your problem here which you are facing with dishtv. but if their is any problem just write a mail for quick action on your complaint. email id is ; [email protected]

  • Sh
      7th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    i am anand kumar and my vc number is 01505354896...
    when i am open my tv&STB say any channel error the error is that (Enable to locate signal please contact customer care) how the problem is create tell us and resolve it please...

    Shummy Malhotra

  • Sh
      9th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    two days ago i was pay 900 rs for recharge my dish tv for three months but some channels are now till scrambled like as, COLORS UTV MOVIES BINDASS MOVIES sir pleaze open these channels donn't forget that i am a platinum user of dish tv and i have maid full payment plz open these channels as soon as possible i shall be very thankful to you for this favour MY VC NO 01505432458

  • Sh
      9th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    my vc no 01505432458 sir on my vc some channels are not active like as, colors utv movies and bindass movies these channels are in my pakege and i am a platinum user sir please solve my problem as soon as possible i shall be very thank ful to you for this favour

  • Sh
      12th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    i am usman tahir from maharashtra sir plz utv and colors pack subscribe in my pakage my vc no 01505432458

  • Sh
      12th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    sir plz utv pack and color full pack add in my platinum pakage my vc no 01505432458

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