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Called dish customer service, for no reception. i told them i only had dish for 20 days & if this continues, then i don’t need the dish- if i can’t get reception. the told me the would give me a credit for the month, the i get bill asking for that month & a late payment. they tell me there is no credit for 1st month, i told them i called & talk to their rep. & they say they have no notes stating that. so because the poor customer service people can’t do there job it’s the customers job to do!!! the wanted to know what date & time i called, told them they are calling me a liar & won’t put up with their BS & said then disconected my service- suprise they said i have a credit know!!!

why should i the customer go through all that to get a credit they offered to me, then not get the credit-until i got mad!! i find it BS that another american company has sent their customer service to india where i can’t understend them ( i’m sure that why the corprate guts did it & save millions of dollars to pad the there pockets, ) i’m tired of hearing we are world wide, but yet they take tax breaks for sending american jobs overseas (CROOKS)I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT’S JOBS AMERICANS WON’T DO, I’VE WATCHED ALL JOBS WE ALL USE TO DO PAY HALF OF WHAT THEY USE TO( DO THE RESEARCH I’M RIGHT ) WELL LET THE CEO’S & ALL THE OTHER MANAGEMEMT DO THEIR JOBS FOR A FLAT $50, 000.00 PER YEAR & SEE IF THEY CAN LIVE WITH IN THEIR MEANS.

Subscribed to Dish Network back in Aug. of 2007 then cancel a couple months later and payed all due fees for early termination thus keeping the equipment since now i own it. Upon trying to re-establish service now on Aug. 2011 i’ve been told by Dish Network customer service that my equipment purchased back in 2007 is been use by someone else or another account holder. But i live alone and my equipment has been in its original box since 2007. So by asking around i was told that Dish Network probably used my personal information in order to open an account for an ilegal imigrant who ca’t get a Credit card. How can i proceed about this?

it’s a sorry country when the say this is customer service, when it takes 5 minutes to go through their BS phone system, then their india people can’t speak or put notes in their systems because there not hear!!! great savings to screw the customer & dish management take their bonuses & laugh all the way to the bank!!! THE AMERICAN WAY HAS PUT US WHERE WE ARE GREED.

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  • Mi
      1st of May, 2012


    I came across your post and wanted to help you sort out this situation as I found it interesting! What's the status of your service as it stands right now? Are you still trying to get it reactivated? I'm sorry that you feel as though you've been given a runaround with this as that's certainly not our intention. If we get your service reinstated, we can definitely look into getting a technician out there to see if a good line of sight for the signal can be established. Please send your account number to me in a private message so I can assist you further with this and I'll look forward to speaking with you!

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  • Ge
      8th of Sep, 2012

    Six months ago my wife and I called to cancel our service (Spring 2012) we originally started service in Spring 2009. We only wanted to cancel our service due to the rescission and continue downturn of the economy. My wife and I both had rescission resistant jobs in different fields. But due to the economy both incomes have dropped and our household income decreased by $17, 000. So are tried to get rid of all nonessential services. Dish told us that we still had to pay a $200 fee but we told them our contract expires in Spring. They told us no and that it actually expires in December 2012. So we decided to try to wait it out as we can not afford $200. Now our service got downgraded to 3 channels with no local channels as a result in non payment. We can not give then money we do not have! Anyway we thought our bill would then not increase, but to our horror we are still getting charge $64.95 per month for our 3 channels that we do get ( ch.130, 131 &184). My wife and I had hoped that they would cancel our contract and just make us pay the amount that we owe, but if we cancel we would still owe the $200 fee. My wife and feel that this is their fault for not trying to work with us and waiving the fee six months ago.
    You know times are tough and if they would have just waived the fee six months ago we would not have this problem. As we would have cancelled! But we are locked in or trapped buy this company until December 2012 as there is nothing we can do. We feel all they care about is the money and not the customers. We told them we could not afford this and now they see the truth!

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