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Purchased Dish 200 service back in April with a 2 year guarantee price of $49 per month. Lived in Nevada and moved to Oklahoma in November. Had Dish re-install my service. Tech came out and
sold me a bill of goods. Told me that if I purchased my equipment (total $450) which I am sure he got a commission on, that I would not be charged any fees and no longer under a contract.

Got my bill and am being charged more for the equipment service fees than I was paying when leasing the equipment. On top of that my plan was changed to a "Welcome Package" with only 1/2 the channels I was getting before. Asked why my plan was changed and no one could tell me why. But if I wanted to go back to the Top 200 It would now cost me $79 as the old plan is no longer available. Told them I wanted to cancel my service, and guess what, I still am under a contract for 15 more months.

Talked with multiple people and got a different story from each one. Several indicated that because I purchased my equipment, I was no longer under contract, but when transferred to their LOYALTY DEPT, I was told their would be early termination fees.

Needless to say, I would never recommend DISH to anyone as the entrap their clients into contracts and could care less about their customers.

If anyone would be interested in purchasing NEW Dish DVR and a HD receiver, I will be selling mine on EBAY.

Nov 30, 2016

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