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My wife and I moved from Washington State to Atlanta, Georgia. We had planned on taking our Dish Network program with us. We rented a house that could not have a dish due to the trees and the landlord did not want a dish attached to the house. Centurylink, whom we had bought the system through a "bundle" stated that if we move and cannot take it with us, the contract is ended. So, we cancelled our Dish and moved across the country. A month later, we got a bill for $236.00. We explained to Dish that we could not have a dish nor use the system due to the trees and landlord. We were told by Dish's legal team that the CEO of the company requires, that eventhough you cannot use the system, you still have to pay. I spoke to my friend about the problem. He said that when his mother died, Dish made him pay the rest of his mother's contract, $180.00. Nice company. The CEO wants it this way, as I was told by Dish Legal. Beware of greedy CEO's and contracts at Dish Network, .even when you cannot use the system.

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  •   Nov 29, 2012

    Dished Off,

    Thank you for letting us know about that as I found your situation interesting and wanted to provide you with some assistance! If you coud please email me your account number, it would be my pleasure to look it over and see what I can do. I'll be able to determine the appropriate resolution to get it straightened out. My email address is michael.[protected] and I will look forward to hearing from you!

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