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Dish Network Internet / fraudulent information given at sign up

1 1627 CR 107Hutto, TX, United States

I wrote the following letter to Dish on May 29th and have had no response. :::: May 29, 2015

Dear Dish Network,

We signed up for Dish internet the last of April. I had a LONG discussion with the lady toward the first part of April before we made the switch. I had called our current provider to see how much of our 15 GB we had been using. I also called ATT to see how much we used on our mobile unit that we only use when we travel. Now, I may get the GB and MB mixed up because those confuse me, but you will understand, I'm sure what I mean.

On our current provider, they said we were using a big percentage of our 15 GB we were paying for. I can't remember the exact amount. We hadn't used that much on our ATT because we hadn't been traveling. When I told your representative what we did on the internet and what they said we used, she insisted that they must be mistaken, that we couldn't be using that much doing what we do.

I know you record your phone calls. I ask that you go back and listen to that phone call. Our complaint is the very first month, we ran out of our allotted GB's and of course powered down to nearly nothing. We used our mobile unit until it was nearly used up to get by on. We were assured our service would be faster - NOT. We were assured we would have plenty of GB's - NOT. We are already over 90% for this month and have nearly 2 weeks left in the cycle. We will be gone most of June so that won't be a good month for comparison for sure.

We are very unhappy with our not faster very limited service. Wish I had not signed a contract with you because I would switch back in a heart beat. I have recommended Dish TV to people but will absolutely warn them against the internet. We were very mislead. Was trying to cut some bills but sure didn't mean to cut our service so bad.

If there is absolutely anything you can do to assist us, that would be great. We are both retired and on limited income so please don't recommend upgrading. We switched to save and was assured we would have plenty of GB's. That was absolutely wrong, and we have to keep a close eye on it. Never had to do that before. Hate it, hate it, hate it!

Elizabeth Morgan
1627 CR 107
Hutto, TX 78634

Jul 1, 2015

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