Dish Network / / technician service at residence

Garwin, United States

I called dish and spoke with a manager about the issues I was having with my current equipment. The manager said that I need to setup a time for a technician to come look at the problem. I asked the manager if we could setup a time for Saturday October 14th 2017. He said yes. I asked what times were available he said 10 to noon & 2 to 4. I asked to setup the appointment from 10 to 2. He confirmed and sent me an email stating this. I clicked on that email this morning @ 9:30 to confirm where the tech was. It showed me that my appointment was from 2:45 to 4. I have not had any communication with the technician regarding this change. The only way I found out was thru this email. Very frustrating as I do have errands to run on my day off. I understand if other appointments run long. But they have my phone number just call and let me know. Instead of changing the time and not notifying me. What the hell is the point of setting up an appointment when your technicians can't communicate with the customer if it changes? The customer is the reason why dish employees have a job. This is one of the reasons why more people are unplugging. My wife and I most likely will be doing the same once our contract is up. I'm tired of the rates being increased all of the time and loosing channels in the process but expected to keep paying your prices.

Oct 14, 2017

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