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Dish owes us money for an account we closed back in March 2017. We have called multiple times, spoken to many different levels of customer service to obtain that money. We been promised the money would be sent to us. These dates have come and passed without any check or refund in our account. We have now been promised another date, 19 more days to wait. Apparently that is the time it takes to generate a refund check, according to John, G3K, supervisor in the customer service dept. It is amazing to me the a company is quick to take your money, heavy handed in any grace for one late payment, and so very slow and cumbersome in it's processing of any money owed to you, the customer. We now have free tv, an antenna we purchased for $20 at Walmart. We get all the channels we need, for free. Maybe as we all leave cable tv and find better and less expensive ways to be informed and entertained, they will start to respect us, the ones who allow them to have a company and a job. If not, then they will join the ranks of companies who couldn't adapt to change, respect their base, and offer exceptional customer service. It's a tall order, I know, but so many companies do that I have no sympathy for Dish, who refuses.

Sep 25, 2017

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