Dish Network / / How I was treated when discontinuing service

Elk River, MN, United States

After being a valued customer for over seventeen years in four different Minnesota locations I telephoned dish this morning and asked them to discontinue service because my husband and I are elderly and we needed to cut expenses so we bundled with Charter for TV, land line phone and Internet and will be saving us $70 a month. When I called Dish I was treated very poorly and was then told I was breaking a contract and would have to spend $190, ten dollars for every month left on the contract. Fortunately Charter will reimburse us for the extra charge but really don't like being treated badly just because after 17 years of being an excellent customer I was treated as if I was doing something wrong. I will not recommend dish to anyone in future in fact will tell anyone interested about my experience.

Is there anyway Dish Network can see this?

Thank you.

Jun 09, 2017

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