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Dish Network / / contract for hopper

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I am writing after just getting off the phone with the "Office of the President" for Dish regarding a request I made to gain any possible leniance on a contract cancellation.

Full disclosure, I was aware there was a cancellation fee for the service I signed up 1-month ago. I was not asking for it be waved - as I did sign the contract, I was just asking for some flexibility based on the issues (see below) and being a long time customer (almost 16 years). What I got back was a robotic response intent on trying to fix a technical issue and missing (by miles) that this was a customer relationship issue.

I was having issues getting a signal; shows were not getting recording; shows that got recorded were getting dropped mid way thru. My kids were frustrated of rebooting the TV every time they wanted to watch TV.
Calling into CS - to be gracious - is less than desirable. (ps this issue had been going on for 5+ months.)
Finally got someone who was helpful. They sold the reason for the problem, I bought it and even upgraded to the Hopper. All seemed plausible. They then scheduled an appt within a decent time interval and a decent time slot. (There was event issues around that. )
After installation, the problem still existed. My family was exhausted? annoyed? trying to get the TV to work by rebooting it time after time after time after time... I was done with Dish. Again, CS was not helpful we hung up. A few times.

Called to cancel. Was reminded of the cancellation feel. Understood I had 23 months left. Asked, if there was any way based on my recent interactions, disappointment with both the service and the company if they would allow any lenience on the cancellation fee. Because ultimately, they sold me on something that is not working. And after all this time, and I am no longer interested in fighting the battle with the TV again.

Was transferred to Daniel who in short told me "no". They could send someone out to fix the technical issue and fix the problem. I replied that he was missing the larger point. I no longer wanted to go another around trying to fix a technical problem when I was so disappointed with the company and their response, their phone system, their CS people. What they were now offering was too little, too late. The boat had sailed on me wanting Dish. It was no longer a technical issue. It truly was a customer issue.
Daniel - did not get that. Which is the whole problem with DISH - or my dealings with Customer support. It is all robotic and people reading off scripts. I have never felt like I was talking to real person.

Daniel just kept saying the same thing: "they could assign a case manager and fix the problem and only after that - if the problem still existed - look into the contract fee issue. But the issue for me based on my interaction with DISH, even if you are able to solve the issue, I don't want to be associated with your company. My patience is gone. And the whole conversational interchange with Daniel underscored that. I felt that I was an account they were trying to save for $$ sake, and not to make a satisfied customer.

And not that this one account matters, we just got two TVs installed and would have gladly upgraded the account to cover those two TVs if my dealings with the company had been better.

Again, I understand I signed a contact. I was just asking for some possible flexibility in the cancellation fee and hoping someone might see the issue from the customers view. But ultimately realize this is not just about getting a TV signal - it was about building a relationship
On that, Dish missed the boat.

Will never recommend them to anyone again.

Oct 22, 2018
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  • Ch
      22nd of Oct, 2018
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    You offered no reason to give leniency on the contract fee. They offered to resolve the technical issue. You decided you still want to go. For this, even if it because you now dislike the CS after 17 years, you’re responsible for the cancellation fee. Very simple.

  • Cu
      17th of Dec, 2018
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    same basic issue-the customer service folks will not listen to my request to cancel services. no phone number for someone who can fix this. I have had service for four years. The contract was up in two years. In October I had another box put in. Now, they will not cancel (no matter that I didn't know, hear, or understand the contract they gave me over the phone. Dish has poor service and is definetly not user friendly. I guess once they have you, THEY HAVE YOU.

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