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I have been a dish network customer for 4 years. I always received a combined bill from AT&T for telephone service, internet service and Dish network service. Since January of this year I have received a combined bill for telephone and internet service, but no billing for Dish network service. I have not received a bill from Dish network for 3 months. I don't want to call them. My dish service is fine. Could I have just fallen off their radar??
Will I get a super large bill eventually? Will I have to pay that bill since I never received billing from them.??

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  • Th
      2nd of May, 2012

    Why don't you want to call them? You absolutely will get a huge bill once they realize what's going on and you will have to either pay it or lose service and take a hit on your credit. Be an adult and call them.

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  • Mi
      3rd of May, 2012


    I've reviewed the situation you're in and found it interesting! I'm curious, myself, as to what might be going on with that. We're always here to help, so I encourage to at least send your account number to me in a private message so I can review it and find out. I appreciate your efforts and look forward to the opportunity to assist you!

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  • Mr
      24th of Jun, 2012

    Anyone want to file a class action law suit against Dish network and ERC (debt collection agency) in Wisconsin or anywhere else?

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