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Starting on January 7 our reception was not good. We called customer service on January 9 and several days following. On the last call the technician (from the codes on the screen) said that our dish needed adjustment and scheduled a service call. The service call occurred on January 12. We were told that he would come between 3:30 and 5:00. He arrived at 12:30. We did have our son at home for the service call (he is 19). The serviceman replaced the receiver, but said that the recordings on the DVR would be lost and he would not allow us to download them onto a hard drive. Last summer we did have our receiver replaced and were able to download those recordings and then send the old receiver to your company. If we had known the receiver would be replaced, we would have downloaded our recordings. I called that evening to Dish to see if we could retrieve the receiver. The technician said that the receiver was unretrievable. I asked if they could contact the Hub Center to see if it had been processed yet and was told that that would work. They said call in the morning when the Hub Center opened. I called Dish at 7 in the morning and was told I needed to wait til 8 am. I called at 8 am and was told that the Hub Center would call me within 1 hour. 2 1/2 hours later I hadn't received a call. I called Dish again and was told that they were trying to locate the DVR and would call when they had found it. They did not ever call me. I called Dish again in the afternoon and asked if I could speak with the Hub Center. I was told no, but that the manager was on a call and he would call me when he was finished with that call. He did not.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Englewood, CO I called again and was told that they emailed the Hub Center and that again the Hub Center had promised to call me. They did not. On Monday, Jan. 16, I spoke with a manager or supervisor in customer service area. They told me that the receiver was already processed. How they were able to locate this information while the Hub Center could never find the receiver seems suspicious and makes me believe the information I was receiving has been misleading and dishonest. I did speak on Jan. 16 to the Office of the President twice. Each time I was told that the maximum reimbursement would be a courtesy of $20/month discount for 6 months. I don't feel that is even close to compensation for something that is completely the fault of Dish. Recordings for 9 years are lost and they claim that the recordings are not purchased by me only the service. Yes, that's true, but the service I paid for 9 years is of no use due to Dish's incompetence by the technician who did not give us the option of downloading the recordings and then let us send the DVR back to them (which one of your supervisors admitted was not only allowable, but is a very reasonable service); and the incompetence of the Hub Center who did not look for the receiver on Friday morning for the 2 1/2 hours they could have. For this reason I am asking for a full 9 years of reimbursement for the DVR service. 9 years x $7/month = $756. The argument that was given by both Office of the President doesn't hold any validity. They said that I'm only paying for the service so they are not responsible for the lost recordings, but it is Dish who lost them due to their incompetence. They also said that I don't own the recordings, but I paid for a service that is useless without the recordings. What did I pay for? Recordings that I can't keep or use? Then why have a DVR?

Jan 17, 2017

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