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Dish Network / sales tax charge for returning equiptment

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After returning my equipment to dish network, using their prepaid shipping label, I received an undisclosed charge of $15 for return of the equipment. As if this wasn't upsetting enough, the bill included a charge for florida sales tax!! Huh?? A sales tax charged for me to pay to return equipment. I have confirmed with the florida department of revenue that this transaction obviously does not qualify for a sales tax charge. Of course when I called to complain to dish about it, they tried to say they had no control over this, and that the state of florida is responsible for the charge. Yeah, right! I run my own business so I know how and when to charge sales tax and it is up to me to submit or not submit the charge to my customers. So hopefully, dish will now begin to locate all other customers who have been inappropriately given this charge and begin the process of reimbursement. We had planned to use dish at our new location but after seeing their covert methods, we will no longer use them,

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      20th of May, 2011
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    Is this possible?? We have to pay shipping charge for THEIR equipments??? I had two units and they charge me for shipping the two back to them. I never had this happen with DirectTV. Beyond the crapy shipping charge...Dish Network nickel and dime you to death with other charges. Be aware of "free" 3 months of HBO hook up and others...once the "free" period is over you want the channels off...they charge you a fee for taking the channels off...yea...that is good customer practice!!! NEVER HAD THAT HAPPEN WITH DIRECT TV. Also the installation was a joke! I didn't know that the tech guy put up another dish on my roof...while there was another dish there before from the previous owner! YES...IT WAS A DISH NETWORK DISH!!! So now I have TWO UGLY DISH NETWORK DISH ON MY ROOF! Maybe that is how all the cable/satellites works now...but DEFINITELY will never use Dish Network again!

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      20th of May, 2011
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    After taking a look at your posts on here, Billsinfo and NO-DishNetwork, I'd like to help you both with these issues. Not everybody uses our boxes to ship our equipment back to us, so we don't feel that it's fair to increase all customers' monthly rates to cover the cost of shipping. The cost, instead is charged only to those who choose to use them. You are by no means required to use our boxes to return the equipment, but we make the option available to you. The information you were given about the taxation on this cost is correct. Being a TV program provider, taxing is not something we have any control over. That's an item that the state and federal government regulates.

    We do not charge customers a fee for electing to remove HBO from their account at the end of the free three-month period. There is only a fee for downgrades made to an account within 30 days of an upgrade, or addition, made.

    As far as the two dishes on your roof are concerned, NO-DishNetwork, the second could have been installed for certain programming that you elected to subscribe to that require acquisition of a particular orbital location. The nature in which they were installed may have been due to the only location on your property that proper line of sight could be established. We can certainly look into your account and make sure if that's the case, as well as sending a technician out to your home again to reassess that if you wish. Let me know and I would be happy to assist further!

    Hope that helps!

  • Sn
      30th of Jul, 2012
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    MikeL @ Dish... I think the point is that Direc TV doesn't charge their customers to return their equipment, and they also send a box and prepaid shipping label. I just disconnected my Dish services. In the future, I might have considered returning. This policy would cause me to rethink that decision..

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