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Dish Network / dissatified customer

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9/28/07 – Opened Dish Network bill and it was $389.44, $300. showed as Equipment Fee

9/28/07 – Called Dish Network, spoke with Mark (language barrier) and he said the charge was for a receiver that was replaced in my residence in July. I told him that I did not have possession of this receiver and why was I being charged? Mark hung up on me.

9/28/07 – Called Dish Network, spoke with Sidney, and told him that I needed to get my bill straightened out and the previous technician had hung up on me, he apologized. I gave Sidney the Technicians name (Kevin), and Tech # (6144) and he said that he would sent the information to upper management.

10/1/07 – Called Dish Network, spoke with Alissia, I explained once again that the $300.00 charge was not mine and the equipment was removed from my residence on 7/14/07 and I needed this matter resolved, she took my cell phone # and said I would receive a call in 24/48 hours.

10/3/07 – Called Dish Network, spoke with Jackie, she claimed that she had just started working there and would try to get a hold of a Supervisor, I was put on hold for quite some time, then she got back on the phone and said that she was speaking with a Supervisor and put me on hold again, then the line went dead.

10/3/07 – Called Dish Network, spoke with Paula, I again explained the situation, and she said she would add more notes to my account, and to be patient, it may take a few days, she advised me to call back again on Friday 10/5/07.

10/5/07 – Called Dish Network, spoke with Amber, I again explained what was going on, and she apologized and promised that a Technician would call me on Saturday 10/6/07.

10/6/07 – No Call from Dish Network

10/8/07 – Called Dish Network, spoke with Carol, she said that Management notes said that the receiver that I was being charged for was on its way in, and do not charge the customer for the receiver. Carol said she adjusted my account and it would be 24 to 48 hours before it would be approved.

10/10/07 – Called Dish Network, spoke with Maria, I needed to check the status of my account and the $300 that they were saying was going to be withdrawn from my account. Maria said that the charges will be reversed and the $300 will not be charged to my account.

10/10/07 – Called CFCU, spoke with Sally, I briefly explained my dilemma and she said to stop by a branch and fill out an Amount Dispute Form

10/11/07 – Called Dish Network, spoke with Yvette, yet again explained the situation and was getting rather annoyed that this was taking so much of my time and effort. She said that she sees a note on my account that $300 will be applied to my card. I was put on hold for approx. 30 minutes, then she came back on the line and verified that it was removed from my account today (10/11/07)

This payment is scheduled to be withdrawn on 10/12/07

10/12/07 – Called Dish Network, spoke with Shane, he said that the account still showed that $389.44 was to be withdrawn today.

10/12 & 10/13/07 – I watched my account and nothing was withdrawn

10/14/07 - $389.44 was withdrawn from my account by Dish Network

10/15/07 – Called Dish Network, and spoke with Michelle, I was NOT happy, I explained that Dish Network has now lied to me countless times and she said that she will correct it, it will be sent to management and it would now take 7 to 10 business days to post to my account. I told Michelle the names and dates of when Dish Network employees also promised me the same, and that I was no longer going to use Dish Network once this matter gets resolved, she said that there was a note on my account from 10/10/07 that the $300 credit was disapproved. I was so furious, that I hung up on them.

10/15/07 – Went to CFCU and filled out a Written Statement Under the Penalty of Perjury.

10/15/07 – Contacted the NYS Consumer Protection board and filled out a complaint online

10/15/07 – Filled out an Online complaint to Dish Network

10/17/07 – Received a letter from the NYS Consumer Protection Board, they sent a letter to the Dish Network Dispute Resolution Team

10/24/07 – Called Dish Network, and the automated billing said that I have a credit of $258.00, I immediately needed to talk to a person…, spoke with Sam, I told her briefly about the situation, she put me on hold while she looked at all the information, then she said that the $258 credit was because they were taking out for the October billing cycle, and I told her that in NO WAY should they be doing that. That was my $300 and I want it back into my account, and that they were not going to be using it to apply it to my account each month, Sam apologized and said that $300 would be put into my account in 3 to 5 business days, I told her that I have already contacted the NYS Consumer Protection Board, and as soon as I was done with this matter, I would be getting rid of Dish Network, she again apologized, I hung up.

10/26/07 – Called Dish Network and canceled my automatic payment.

10/29/07 – Received a voicemail from Scott at Dish Network, and he said for me to call him in regards to a complaint that I filed with the Consumer Protection Board. I called Scott back at [protected] and I explained my exhausted efforts to resolve this matter with Dish Network, and he said that he understood. I made it VERY clear that they need to put the $300 back into my bank account, and that it was very unfair of them to try to apply the money as credit to my account. He said that he would adjust the $258 to $300 and that it would be in my bank account on Friday 11/2/04, and if it was not, then to call him back. I said that I will call back first thing on Monday 11/5/07 if the money is not there. He said that if this caused any type of fees from the bank, and that I could prove it, then Dish Network would cover these charges. I said that there are none that I know of, just that $300 of my money was missing, and that I have spent countless hours trying to resolve a problem that they created. He said that Dish Network will credit my bill for 1 month of free service for my time spent on this matter.

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  • Th
      14th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes
    Dish Network - Failure to deliver
    Dish Network
    Sarasota, FL
    United States

    Company advertised and promised to deliver CNN and other networks. They have since cancelled them.

  • Li
      21st of Dec, 2014
    0 Votes

    Dish has announced on my tv service that my FOX news channels have been cancelled by FOX. Why? There was no real explanation given.
    FOX news are the only news channels I want to watch. I am paying for a lot of stuff I don't want or need such as: 10 to 20 sports
    channels I never watch, Aljezeer channel which I want taken off my list immediately. 6-8 spanish-speaking channels ( I don't
    now, nor do I ever intend to learn spanish.) I took Latin in HS and used that more in the medical field than I would ever use spanish.

    I am a retired RN on SS who feels that I should have more choice in my list. With less than 4 mos. left on my contract I
    will most certainly be looking for another provider.

  • Pe
      28th of Dec, 2014
    0 Votes

    In the past year, Dish has removed local NBC (for 6 weeks), CNN (for a month), Fox News (still out), and now local CBS & Fox (1 week and counting). They always blame the other guy - not their fault. I complained about the CNN loss and demanded compensation. They offered $5 a month for 3 months - big f'ing deal. Getting ready to switch to Direct who does not have a good reputation either. Unfortunately, we live in the country and don't have access to cable and can't pick up locals with an antenna. We're stuck

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