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Disgusting Airtel Service / irresponsible barring of outgoing calls

1 India

With all due due respects and past service quality I had with JTM and Airtel, I foolishly took a postpaid connection of Airtel [protected] after taking a prepaid music did not satisfy me after my retirement from service on 31 July 2007. I never realized this will be my biggest mistake in my life and Airtel will play all kinds of dirty,nasty, disgusting, sick, sadistic, perverting, shocking,ugly, nauseating and with all possessed hatred towards customer. What ever I mention is nothing if one experiences the action of the GREAT GREAT GREATEST,LARGEST servings mobile gullible customers namely, AIRTEL. Having activated my number [protected] in record time I could never imagine that after a week the sadistic Airtel will bar my outgoing calls without any iota of messaging or warning on 10.8.2007 evening so surreptitiously so that the wretched customer would wriggle for two days of the week end ie 11 and 12 August.

Prior to disconnecting my outgoing call, I was receiving innocent calls form some hole devil of Airtel asking if I pay bills directly at Airtel service or settle thru credit cards. I was a biggest fool to politely respond that I can settle bills either by check payment or credit card. This business of calling went on for two blessed days without any inkling that the HONORABLE AIRTEL SERVICES WILL DISCONNECT my ot going calls so mercilessly like Moists killing innocent as informers.

LAter I get a blessed message indicating that I should visit the nearest Airtel center!!! When I innocently go to the AS Rao Nagar Airtel office which is not eben given in the website of Airtel, I find to my shocking aftter waiting for nearly 20 minutes that barring was done because of not finding the address of my house, Plot No 163, Saibaba Officers colony, Behind Sainkpuri 3rd Avenue, Secunderabad-500 0094 inspite of submitting my ration card photo copy which has myself and my wife with my iris recognition wth authentic home address.

What else I can say that the staff iof Airtel who tried to verify my house is nothing short of a sadist. I was the colony President for many years and is one of the most noted figure in the colony. Even a child will guide my house.I wonder which blind fellow was deputed by the holy Airtel customer to verify my so obvious house. Following my retirement I have to surrender my earlier [protected] and [protected] after using for more than a decade at ICRISAT.
So the Airtel devil customer service staff might have found it impossible to locate my address since he was no where near the locality. I can prove it if this blessed soul is asked to meet me personally by the so called customer services of Airtel.

I want to ask the Airtel services What is that you people achieve by barring the outgoing services. If this was so important, I could have given a video CD of my locality with my house highlighting my home address etc. Perhaps this is not the intention of the so called uncustomary friendly services of Airtel. They want me to suffer for a weekend depriving making out side calls.
Does Airtel think that this is called customer service or dis-service. Please change the name of your department immediately.

I am really sick of Airtel. I am really sick of this sadism supported by entite Bharati Airtel. I know no one from Airtel would like to listen or take action beacuse the very idea of disconnection is to make me suffer. I fully respect your " Know the Customer". But I hope this is not the way to know the customer.

I want to ask the Airtel management what law is existing to bar outgoing calls without any prior intimation. Is this not simple hough handedness of Airtel. Please prove I am wrong. This mail is for other service providers not to emulate Airtel.

Thanks for being cruel to me Dear Airtel!!! Keep the flag of customer dis- service at Airtel fly high for centuries to come. I know no one from Airtel would care to read this long disgusting customer feelings.

NSS Prasad.

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