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In September of 2011, I submitted to Discover Card that I needed copies of my personal information. The law states that they must provide this information to me, and that they must keep copies for ten calendar years. I am being audited, and I am physically disabled. Discover Card has refused to provide me with the information I have requested, and last week, Nov of 2011 they told me the information I requested was sent out to me on Oct 17, 2011.

The postal service in the USA delivers mail within 5 business days. I have received nothing from them, and it is now Nov 8, 2011. There is no excuse. They are afraid that they may have to get legally involved, and they are refusing to obey the law and provide me with my personal information. I suspect they may retalliate to this by increasing my interest rate, which is already too high. Their interest rates have my balance at close to 75% of my annual income already. I need help dealing with them.

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  • Ji
      25th of Jan, 2012
    Discover Card Services - Decision to lower money available without cause lowering my credit score
    Discover Card Services
    United States

    In October I was offered to transfer money over to my discover acct from higher interest cards at 0% for a year. The very same day the money transferred the payment was due therefore I was charged a late fee. I called the company and the rep I spoke with agreed to take the charge off my acct and keep the interest at 0%. In Dec on the 15 I received a letter stating after attempting to contact me (in which I received no phone calls, no letters and no e-mails) a decision was made on my account to lower amt of money available, reason being delinquency history, bureau reports to many. I called again and explained I was purchasing a car and refinancing my home which explains the credit report checks and 1 late payment which was removed was not cause for having a HISTORY of delinquency. In January I checked my credit score on freecrdeitreport only to find it had dropped by 25 points. There were no other inquiries that would make it drop. I then called the credit card co again and spoke with yet another rep who stated the reasons stated on this letter were not even the real reasons my money available was lowered but because I had balances on to many accounts and my income was lower. I explained that over the past 22 years of being a card member I have had even less income yet my amount of money kept getting higher because of my history of paying on time and not going over my limit so why now and the fact that I hold another discover with a limit of $11, 000 and that was not lowered. I did not get results even after stating I do care if the amt available is lowered what I care about is this has lowered my credit score by 25 points which I feel severely hurts me. Currently my credit score is still within the good status but any more points lost will lower it to fair. I have been diligent about paying my bills this is an unfair penalty..

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