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Direct Express / direct express, comerica bank

1 Dallas, GA, United States

On the 15th and 16th of December 2018, transactions were being fradulent made on my Direct Express Comerica Debit card. I did not make these transactions!! They were being made by MeMe Live in Taiwan which I have never heard of. I noticed this as I checked my card to see what my balance was and noticed I only had $11.48 cents remaining. There were 18 pending transactions on my account. None of which I had made or knew of! I called Direct Express on the 16th and asked them to stop or cancel these transactions as they were not mine and someone had fraudulently made these charges on this. They replied, "That I had to let the charges go through and then file a dispute." They said the transactions should go through in 3-5 days but they went through the next day when I had checked. I called them immediately to dispute the charges. They asked had I filed a police report. So I filed one with the Halifax couinty police dept. (office - [protected]). Complaint case [protected]. Then I called Comerica bank and they transferred me to Direct Express fraud dept. Then I filed a complaint with the FBI for fraud. Then I filed a complaint with the Federal Reserve consumer help. I then filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs. I then filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commision for identity theft. I called back and asked them to cancel this card so they did and will send me another one. I was told that there are many complaints about MeMe Live and customers debit cards being frauded. MeMe Live made 18 transactions on my card, seven for $64.87, seven for $1.94, One for $37.40, and one for $0.97, until no more transactions could be made. Total of $506.04 was depleted from my account. Please Help!! This is the only income I have to live on. I desperately need my money as soon as possible.


David W. Lowery

Dec 20, 2018

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