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Digital River Luxembourg / Unauthorized charges

1 Eden Prairie, MNOlathe, KS, United States Review updated:

I have 2 unauthorized charges in the amount of $389. 99 taken from my checking account. Someone got hold of my debit card and went wild. I am not sure what was purchased but really need to have that money credited back to my account.



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  • Ja
      17th of Jun, 2008
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    Digital River - security package
    Digita River
    9625 West 76th. Street,Suite 150
    Eden Prairie
    United States

    On May 30th. I was charged 69.99 for a security package and on June 3rd. 59.99 .[ I ordered and downloaded a package for 69.99.]

  • Sa
      18th of Feb, 2009
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    Digital River - Unauthorized orders/charges
    United States

    received run-around from your customer service when I tried to resolve issue of unauthorized charges made to my bank checking account. My bank required me to contact DRI by phone to attempt to resolve the issue on my own ...I understand that you are connected to many services, what I don't understand is WHY you (DRI)can't investigate or resolve my issue when it is DRI that is listed on my statement as the one who has made the charges on my account is not the diet pill company listed on my statement, it is DRI ...I don't understand this ...I still think this is a run-around because it is a big scam by the main company (YOU) DRI. At the very least, from all the complaints that I am seeing here ...someone needs to be taking care of this issue for a great many people and services.

  • Ju
      29th of Oct, 2009
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    Well just for clarification, Digital River, is not the one who sell this products (as all of you keeps on insisting that they are the one!) actually, they are just an e-commerce company who supports the online store for almost 44, 000 different companies, manufacturer's and vendors all over the world!!! can you imagine those numbers!!! still can't get enough idea from this you stupid nothing for good people which the only thing knew to do is to complain and whine without even knowing what they were saying. (such a ###ic attitude!) Digital River are not the one who make the rules or decide over a purchase, they were just following what the vendor or the merchants told them to do. And c'mon, the vendors and the merchants are the one who get away without any problems, and the DR's agents are being blamed for something that they are doing the bext that they can just for the good of the customer and taking the vendors away from trouble~!~!!! and the worst thing is, those agents are being underpaid, force to work overtime! not being paid for those mandatory overtime and poorly trained by the management (and also the vendors and merchant's fault since they were not providing enough information about there procedure whos just taking the liberty that they are getting for granted!!!) Just heres the bottom line, when you call Digital River, expect that they may be insufficient to assist you right away, but rest assured that all of them are doing the best that they can to getall the information that they need just to give you all the information that your askiing from them and they are doing eveything to satisfy you!!! and by the way, they were also being forced by the vendors to lower down their AHT (average holding time) for 5 minutes a call! which is totally impossible to do, well i knew you already know the reason why its impossible, because you customer just take for granted every rightrs that you have, but how about the rights of those poor agents that your shouting, cursing, telling them that they were stupid, not enough for you, not good enough for you, hense your not even trying to consider what they were saying, your just keeping what you want to know, and when they say something that you don't like to hear eventhough its totally true that its your fault as well, your just gonna tell them "Are you a ###ing indian? i cant understand a single word that you said!" (by the way all the calls is being recorded so when you complain about an agent who doest speaks well using the English language, they will investigate about that, and God knows they were talking in a very fluent ENglish that even a deaf person will understand what they were saying!) you just keep on telling this complains and keep on insisting that they were the bad guys, but look at yourself on the mirror dudes, you were just describing and insulting your own selves!!!

  • Ju
      29th of Oct, 2009
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    and by the way before you react, just try to verify the amouts that you see in your billing statement in a WEBSITE with your bank first, because when you keep on insisting something which is totally untrue and when they investigate this and those amounts where not really charges that has been taken out from your account and its only for PRE-AUTHORIZATION only and you said that they were lying and your gonna report them to the BBB, well think again, because remember your calls are being recorded and there will be a hard evidence for a LIBEL CASE.. thats one good law suit i guess. and another eveidence is your complain that you post on this website as well.

  • Es
      24th of Nov, 2009
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    I also had an unauthorized charge deducted from my debit card in the amount of $205.77 by Digital River Int. Fortunately, my bank caught the fraud before I did and closed my card before further damage was done. Unfortunately, I need to spend the time contacting all the businesses who used my card for recurring payments each month with new account info. The bank was saved from further losses but no one seems to appreciate the customers' lost time in cleaning things like this up. Who is checking into this company and its employees to ensure more innocent cardholders don't become their victims??

  • Hj
      27th of Nov, 2009
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    I was scamed 0n 11/23 for 3 times 111.39 ( 334.08 total ) by a company named DIGITAL RIVER LUXEMBURG LU, as appears in my credit card pending transactions. I called the credit card company and they aid they'd have an investigator call me. I also contacted LiveLock customer service .
    They said if the credir card company doesn't take care of this, they will.
    I have no idea how they got a hold of my credit card number, I always shred papers that have any information of mine before putting it in the trash can ...

  • Am
      1st of Dec, 2009
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    I was also scammed for $211.75 and it is still pending but under investigation; what is being purchased, is it a service or tangible product? Anybody know? This charge came directly out of my checking...pretty scary!

  • De
      4th of Dec, 2009
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    I am the original one who lodged the complaint (deanna7768). I made a mistake when I was typing it up and put my own information instead of the company information. So it looks like I am the one taking the money out of peoples accounts. That is not the case. Please do not call me because I too am a victim in all of this. I had two charges on my debit card for $394 each (Please read original complaint). I am a single mother who lives paycheck to paycheck. I did get my money back but I hope that they catch who is doing this to all of us.


  • Mc
      5th of Dec, 2009
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    I also have three unauthorized charges on my account from Digital River Luxembourg from my checking account for $194.96 each. According to my bank's fraud protection representatives there were actually 6 charges attempted, but the other three were blocked. My card is always with me. My bank has no answers for me as to how this could've happened.

  • Se
      8th of Dec, 2009
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    The charges continue into December. On Friday 12/4 I had three attempts to charge my wife's bank card. Fortunately only one charge for the amount of $208 went through before the card was blocked. I have contacted the bank and Digital River to see what their fraud departments can't do. If these continue much longer I believe serious legal actions should be taken against those that perpetrated them. I'll keep people informed on what I find out from the bank and Digital River.

  • Pe
      11th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I also have a $110 charged from my debit. They also attempted 3 others. How can this be happening? My bank is closeing out my account and I'm to file fraud charges. I'll also file a police report. I'd like to know if it's all from the same bank!!! I've never heard of this company Why even feel safe purchasing online or even useing ards in the future???
    Penny Kirchoff
    Spearfish SD

  • Dw
      15th of Dec, 2009
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    I also have two amounts that I never authorized charged from my debit card! I will also file a police report, and just had my card blocked. I have never bought anything from this company, I never even heard about them. When I file the police report I will print out this page and show it to the officers.

  • Jc
      6th of Jan, 2010
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    I also have a charge of $111.68 from Digital River Luxem I have called my bank and canceled my card. I don't know how these happened or what Digital River is perhaps it is the company itself doing this.

  • El
      14th of Jan, 2010
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    Jan 14, 2010 - I just saw $231 debited from my chase account (debit card). The company name is Digital River Luxemburg Lu and phone number is 952-253-1234. The transaction was on-line just past midnight ( I was at home sleeping and my debit card was in my purse). I didnt make the purchase.

    I called and the cusotmer service lady at DR and she said that I have to file (fax) a copy of my bank statement showing the debit and they will investigate. I asked if I could email and she said no. I asked for a name to address this to and she didn't have one.

    So I'm out $231 so far. I called Chase and had my debit card cancelled, but they can't credit the charge until its investigated.

    Cash is still king I guess.

  • Ta
      2nd of Feb, 2010
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    I was trying to buy groceries tonight, and my bank card would not work. I checked my account online, when I got home, and saw that three charges for $199.97 were made from this company - Digital River Luxembourg. I have never heard of this company. My ATM card is always with me. I don't shop online. I shred everything. I am just shocked about this!! My bank rep said there were more than these charges attempted, but they fraud protected my account, and shut everyting down for my protection. WOW! They said the charges will be reversed. I sure hope so!!

    With all these complaints...and such similar stories...I think something fishy is going on with this company.

  • Ff
      7th of Feb, 2010
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    ###KKKK Digital river luxembourg they did the same ### tooo me for $196

  • Jo
      14th of Mar, 2010
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    Download River - Eurosoft
    New South Wales

    I accessed a movie and game download site.It was called Download River. I gave my credit card details for a 3 day trial for $1.95us, they then debited me for $108.44. There is no way to contact these people through their website. You get nothing for your money and obviously they have done this before. ITS ALL A SCAM.
    Hope this info helps someone.

  • Ar
      23rd of Mar, 2010
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    I just got hit for 3 charges of $155.89
    Online, we purchase very little, if anything at all...
    In the last month, we have only used this card with 2 business that are not our normal purchase... Both out of town..

  • Fa
      5th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Dear Jo,

    ITs really nice to hear your story. And I do appreciate that you took your valuable time in informing this world about this scam website. Interesting I also got this website. And I had to download a driver from here. But before giving my credit card information, I found some fishy things there.

    1. the website was not ssl secure on the same domain name
    2. search for anything on its search field, and it will say it's available... even if you write alsfslfjskasgkjhs it will say its available for download.
    3. There is no telephonic contact info on the website for the company information.

    having all these info in hand, i was able to realize that this is a scam website and i must not give my credit card information to this cmpany.

    Keep updating this world about the bad people and bad website,



  • Cm
      5th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    My unauthorized charges came the same day as an unauthorized charge and just two days after I bought Microsoft points from my xbox 360. Anyone else have that happen. I am thinking the xbox is not secured.

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