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Complaints & Reviews

unauthorized charges

I have 2 unauthorized charges in the amount of $389. 99 taken from my checking account. Someone got hold of...

company refuses to send unlock code

I purchased "Security Task Manager" and paid for it via PayPal.

after 5 emails they have not responded or sent me the registration code.

I have been told that they are accustomed to just wait the customer out thereby pocketing the money and not sending unlock code.
I dont see why they assume that this is good for their Public Relations.

from A. & M. Neuber Software GmbH <[protected]@neuber.com>
Also DBA as Digital River


to Floyd Hoover

date: Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 12:20 AM
subject: Security Task Manager

Nov 2 (7 days ago)

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  • Bi
    BillJ Nov 24, 2009

    regnow, Digital River and neuber.com are very trustworthy. See McAfee Siteadvisor: http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/neuber.com/summary/ . I suggest: Read the email from A. & M. Neuber Software GmbH <[email protected]> again, and you find the unlock code ;-) If you have any problems to read the email, just go to the contact page of neuber.com or regnow.com.

    A happy customer of Security Task Manager :-)

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  • Ho
    holiday charity Dec 23, 2009

    Hi Since this is the end of Dec, 09 this may be taken care of. But if not, since you paid with paypal, you can log in, go to dispute center and enter the number of the sale.
    Open all transaction tab, right side near the top.
    After filing, the vendor usually settles within a day, sometimes minutes. It is the only way to pay for me, speeds up non response problems due to out of stock items, small staff problems and just poor customer service.
    It is part of the PayPal service package, might as well use it all.

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  • Wm
    WMOSS May 31, 2010

    I am having a similar problem with these DR element 5 people. I hold a copy of the invoice, and keep it saved in Google Docs, but the activation keycode (which they zip up so you can't view it!) does not register the prouct (avast! Internet Security 5). When i went to their website to complain, their system asked me to enter my email address and the last 5 digits of the credit card. I did this, and it tells me there was no such order! I have the stinking invoice! Now, when I try to get help fom the avast forum, the problem gets even worse: I had to register for the forum, which requires my email address, a user name, and a password creation. I did that, and, guess what, when I try to actually signin, it asks me if I "forgot" my password and gives me the option to recieve "another" reactivtion through email. Well, I can't call up a "reminder" for the password as they suggest because they never offered me an opportunity to make one in the first place! The fact is, I did NOT forget the password. Now someone else (hopefully just these DR element idiots) who reset my password, has access to the avast!WEBforum. I tried to create a new account, but I cannot use a different user name because, "someone else with that email address already is a member." My avast! Internet Security 5.0 is still not registered (to me, anyway). Franky, I can't tell if it is DR element 5 or avast! who is to blame. Probably both.

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  • Wm
    WMOSS May 31, 2010

    These Digital River/ Avast! "element 5" people... (I have noted the numerous posts about Avast!4/Digital River. These are almost certainly the very same people. They are changing their name as product promotions come along.) I hold a copy of my invoice, and keep it saved in Google Docs, but the activation key code (which they zipped up it can't be viewed!) does not register the product (avast! Internet Security 5). When I went to the DRe5 website to complain, their system asked me to enter my email address and the last 5 digits of the credit card. I did this, and their system tells me there was no such order! I have the invoice! Invoice for order # 333084685 dated 31-MAY-2010. Now, when I tried to get help from the so-called avast forum, the problem got even worse: I had to register for the forum, which requires my email address, a user name, and a password creation. I did all that, and, guess what, when I try to actually sign in, it asks me if I "forgot" my password and gives me the option to receive "another" reactivation through email. It keeps doing this over and over again. I have about five "account activation" emails in by in box. They are apparently useless, at least to me. I can't even call up a "reminder" for the password, as their system suggests, because it never offered me an opportunity to make or respond to one in the first place! The fact is, I did NOT forget my password. Now I suspect that someone besides me (hopefully just these DR element idiots) who reset my password, has access to the avast!WEBforum from MY email account. I tried to create a new avast!Webforum account, but of course I cannot use a different user name because, "someone else with that email address already is a member." There is no way I am supplying these people with another email address. My avast! Internet Security 5.0 is still not registered (not to me, anyway) according to my copy of the software. Frankly, I can't tell whether it's these DR element 5 people or avast! who is to blame. Probably both.
    I should add... whenever I do manage to log a complaint here, avst/dr locks up my system, and announces "virus database has been updated!" Interesting. I also want to say that this is not about "waiting." The invoice they sent to me was postdated by one day. (I actually ordered the product on the 30th.) Why they do that kind of thing is a mystery. I was indeed informed that my order could take up to 24 hours to process, however they did, in fact, go ahead the next day, on the 31st, and send me an alleged activation key (zipped up and inoperable, of course). After my installed software said that my upgrade was accepted, I could still not log on to the so-called forum. They (whoever “they” are) obviously want me to keep buying the product over and over again. I guess they are now going to try and claim that their computer systems needed time to adjust. I wonder if my "forgotten" password works now? Something is seriously wrong with these people.

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  • Otte Jun 01, 2010

    regnow, Digital River are resellers of thousand of software products. Almost all shareware authors use their service. 98% reliable. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_River

    neuber.com are a shareware author which use these reseller services. 100% reliable. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuber_Software_GmbH

    Do not mix complains about DR, Avast, regNow with neuber.com.

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  • Wm
    WMOSS Jun 01, 2010

    Nonsense. I am not mixing complaints. 100% reliability?! No company on Earth can honestly assure such a preposterous claim. I bet they are glad you are not their CEO -- that remark would have sunk their stock to rock bottom. And, just so you know, Wikipedia (which you cited) is an opensource reference, which means its validity is mute. I don't even know who neuber is, and really don't care to know.

    If DR is so very wonderful, as you say, then why are there so many complaints logged about them? Moreover, if so many "shareware authors" use DR, then that indicates that DR (and perhaps avast) are definitely companies to watch very closely.

    BTW, I am STILL getting a massive run-around from avast about their "sales-end, " DR. But thanks for the idea: I'll be sure to also post my complaints about DR specifically under their (new and seemingly ever-changing) company name.

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  • Wm
    WMOSS Jun 01, 2010

    Just copied from the regnow Digital River website:

    "to become a member of the world's leading software-specific affiliate program. It's fast, it's easy, and it's your ticket to making money!

    We've amassed the largest selection of software titles available anywhere on the Planet. Combined with a robust set of Sales Tools and our new Affiliate Rewards Program, earning serious cash has never been so easy.

    Here is why you need to join the RegNow Affiliate Program today!"

    I get it... your a member. Congratulations. Good luck with that maneuver.

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  • Sg
    sgtdesi Aug 25, 2010

    RegNow is a garbage company. I ordered software from them and had nothing but problems. They do not support the products they sell and good luck getting any support from the program developers. I had a problem and just kept getting the run around. And don't think if you use paypal you are safe, paypal told me they only deal with delivery of an item, so they are no assistance either. Obviously if you download the software, it was delivered. The fact that it doesn't work and you were ripped off, paypal doesn't care. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

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  • Ph
    Phster Jul 10, 2012

    This company is located in Hong Kong. NS7.SINOHOSTING.NET Hong Kong . The list their address as: Neuber Software GmbH, Postfach 110525, Halle, DE 06019 . Postfach is German for P.O.Box. ... Neuber is Ancient German, I have seen their name used in promoting or endorsing malware, spyware and viruses. I do not trust them and this regnow affiliation to payment site appears suspicious. I saw their name side-by-side with Digital River which is a legitimate online payment site.

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horrible delivery time

It's been over two weeks since I got an email saying my backup copy of windows 7 was mailed. I haven't gotten it, all I can figure is that they are having someone walk it here as I've never had anything get shipped and take over two weeks to get to me.

I should have just punted Windows and went with a new Mac.

  • Co
    CongoNatty Dec 16, 2009

    So what do guys (n gals) do? Let it lie?
    Is that how they make money out of this?

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unauthorized debit card charges

I never had any direct dealings with this company. I ordered kitchen products through Easybakeware.com and apparently Digital River stole their personal and confidential information and thus I was charged 200 dollars. My bank denied the charge thankfully, however I had to wait a few weeks for a new debit card. In addition, I had to change my automatic billing to that old card to various companies to a new card which took time. Luckily I did not get charged any overdraft fees while this occured as my bank was gracious enough to reverse the charges.

This company clearly has thousands of similar complaints about them yet I don't understand why they are still in business. I have filed a complaint with my state's attorney general's office but I feel that nothing is being done to stop this company.

  • Valerie Oct 24, 2008

    I have been trying to purchase Endnote X2 for Mac for over a month. My first delivery arrived within 14 days of my original order. Instead of Endnote it contained Studio MovieBoard. As per their directions I reported the error via their website. When I entered my credit card details Digital River informed me that I had placed an order for Norton AntiVirus! Eventually I was issued with a return authorization for Movieboard and told that Endnote had been re-sent. When the new package arrived it contained --- Studio MovieBoard.

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  • Kk
    KK Anderson Apr 10, 2009

    I got an email about purchasing Microsoft office 2017 for 99.99. I went to place the order and on the confirmation screen my grand total was 109.98 but after I pressed proceed to authorize the charge changed to 214.97. I called that number at the bottom of thier page and reached customer service after holding for an hour just to be shipped around. They did nothing for me at all and I had to conact my bank. The sad part is this is Easter Weekend and I had allocated that 109.00 and nothing more. My bank stated that they would help me, but I had to wait until the charge actually posted ( it was still pending). Now I am out 214.97 and that extra hundred dollars was to buy my children cloths for Church on Sunday. This was a very bad experience and I will never use or refer them again!!

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  • Li
    Linares Aug 15, 2009

    Hello Digital River Im try to reach you but is very dificulty. The problem in that I bought an AV Take software and the serial # that you gave cant get connection your server because your server is allways out or off. whats is the problem, I need to work and Im lossing money at this moment.

    Javier Linares

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  • Ba
    Bauxitemim8 Aug 28, 2009

    I bank on line and have for 7 years and buy on line all the time, but when I went on to check my bank account
    (which I do daily with my first cup of coffee) and found 2 charges for a little over $500 to Digital River. I have never even heard of this company, but I tried to find a phone number. I still have not found a number that works for them. If anyone has a good number for them I would appreciate getting it. We are on our way to the bank first thinf this morning to file a fraud report and a police report. Thanks so much.

    Frankie Nichols
    [email protected]

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  • Ju
    JULIE PRICE Sep 16, 2009

    I never made a purchase from this place somebody identy theft me and used all I had on my card $154.91 they told me today 9/15/09 that if digital river never took it off my card by9/15/09 that my money would be put back on my card after midnight of9/16/09 but I have checked and it is not on my card I thought your commercials said if stolen or lost we would be reimburst. I live on a fixed income and that was all the money I had in the world, is there anyway we can find out who would do something like this???I have no idea what I am going to do??!! PLEASE HELP ME!!??

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  • St
    stmarxer Oct 02, 2009

    I have a number for their US headquarters, it is 1-952-253-1234. I have 3 pending charges on my debit card and am waiting to file a claim if they complete tomorrow.

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  • Go
    Gone211 Jul 16, 2010

    Digital River offers a student version of Windows 7 for $30. I provided my .edu address, was approved by them, entered all of my personal data, valid credit card - got all the way to the last submit button - then was DENIED. "Cannot complete this transaction". Their tech support is canned responses saying to "try again" or "order cannnot be completed". Tried three valid credit cards - still no go. Very frustrating company - don't take extensive personal data from your customers, then deny them after approving them. They have all of my sensitive data - I have nothing in return...I also have lost faith in Microsoft that they are using such a schlocky partner.

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customer service

They sell software (represent other companies) bill you and say they offer refunds, customer service ect...

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unauthorized debit card charges

Digital River of Luxembourg, processing company [?] for Symantek software charged more than $800 in unauthorized charges to my debit card. I didn't order any software, the charges just suddenly appeared.

So far I have been unable to contact any human in reference to the unauthorized charges. The charges still continue to appear although I have cancelled the debit card.

If Digital River is processing your order, I would advise not to order.

If there is a number I can call to help resolve this issue I would like to get it.


I had never heard of the company until visa fraud protection called me to verifiy these charges. $213. 40 each for two charges and two additional attempts declined.

  • Co
    Connie Huss Apr 21, 2009

    I got charged on my associated bank master card for unauthorized charges.

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  • Co
    Connie Huss Apr 21, 2009

    Was not pleased about having a unauthorized charge

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  • Co
    Connie Huss Apr 21, 2009

    not pleased about being charged for an unauthorized charged

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incompetent customer service

Digital River wrongly charged Florida Sales Tax on an internet purchase I made for some Pinnacle software and a written manual. The amount was small, something less than six dollars. I asked them to confirm that they had credited my Visa card with the amount of the sales tax, but could not get any one to do so. They just keep refering you back to their website and the same email form I filled out in the first place. They have the worst customer service I have ever seen. Period.

  • Ro
    rouge000000 Dec 27, 2009

    Digital River is not a 3rd party reseller of any companies or manufacturers that we support (almost 44, 000 different companies) all of them are just paying us to take orders from the customer and then the only thing that we do is to forward that orders to their database and they the one whos gonna process the transaction. The only main responsibility that we do with these transaction is to make sure that the customer's received the product. If not, we can just go ahead and send a notification to the vendor and request for a resend or reshipment. WE ARE NOT THE ONE WHOs SETTING THE RULES ON OUR END. WE ARE JUST FOLLOWING A CERTAIN POLICY THAT OUR CLIENTS SETS FOR US! IF ONLY WE HAVE EVERY TOOLS THAT WE CAN USE TO GRANT ALL YOUR REQUEST, WE WILL BE MORE THAN GLAD TO DO IT FOR YOU! WE ARE ALSO HUMAN BEINGS WHO UNDERSTANDS HOW IT FEELS IF WE ARE THE ONE ON YOUR END. JUST TRY TO IMAGINE YOU ARE THE ONE IN MY SHOES! CUSTOMER SCREAMED AT YOU, CURSED YOU, AND TREATHENS YOU BUT YOU CANNOT DO IT FOR HIM/HER BECAUSE ITS EITHER IT IS ALSO THEIR FAULT, ARROGANCE, STUPIDITY OR THE POLICY OF THE VENDORS THAT WE MUST FOLLOW OR ELSE YOU'LL LOSE YOUR JOB!!! HOWEVER WHOS READING THIS, IF YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING, I HOPE YOU COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND THE THOUGHT OF THIS COMMENTS!

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I inquired about a duplicate order of "Avast! 4" antivirus program on October 7th, which was on October 6th...

fraudulent charges

I attempted to order a Western Digital Drive from their website. My card was charged by DRI DIGITAL RIVER CE for the order but the order was never sent and the record of the order is gone but my card was still charged. I have called and they are refusing to refund the money and can't find any record of the order or the charge. When you purchase something online find out if they use DRI DIGITAL RIVER CE to process payments and if so do not purchase.

  • Ma
    marcia bacon Feb 25, 2009

    I was charged $35.95 on my debit card on 02/25/09 and I did not authorize this charge.

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  • Je
    Jeff French Jul 10, 2010

    On July 10, 10 at DRI*DIGITAL RIVER - CE, $257.98 was charged to your Capital One® MASTERCARD PLATINUM account.
    I never made any charges to my credit card. This is a fraudulent transaction.

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fraudulent charges

I checked my bank account and noticed 4 fraudulent charges from Digital River. One for $188.43 and 3 for $2.00 a piece. I searched the internet for this company and found all of these complaints. I couldn't send an e-mail because I didnt have an order number and I didnt know the email address the charges were made from. Dont get me started on the bank!!! They will not help me and I've had to cancel my debit card number. This company should be stopped from doing this. If anybody has an 800 listing for this company, please contact me with it.

  • Ta
    tarahbeth Sep 30, 2009

    I just discovered three fraudlent charges on my account from the same place. I couldn't get ahold of them either. I had to look up their DNS Name Search and the number was 952-253-1234. I must warn you that they weren't much help though, they said they would reverse but did not speak english clearly and could not find some of the charges. There is something seriously wrong with this place. They gave websites I have never heard of. In addition they tried to tell me one of the charges was for tax, but why would it be charged seperately and that would be over an 8 % tax. They also tried to say it was from transmicro.com for internet security?!!

    Are you from MN as well? We should contact someone about this!!! Let me know what you find out! I hope you already have it figured out as this is a week later.

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  • Se
    seatown Dec 08, 2009

    this is happening to everyone but i was able to dig up these numbers for digital river. their ireland office 1-353-61-230-000 where most of the charges seem to be originating from and then their stateside number 800-406-4966.

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non delivery - bad customer service

I purchased a downloadable video game through digital river (Company Of Heroes). They charged me for the game and let me download and install it on my computer but the serial number they provided did not work. They have no phone number that I can find and advise that it will take 48 hours to respond to any support emails.

I sent an email and two days later got the following response:

Dear xxxxx xxxxxx,

Thank you for contacting the THQ Store.

I apologize for any inconvenience, however, we are currently unable to
issue an unlock code for your purchase. We are forwarding this issue to
our development team in order to resolve the issue. We will contact you
as soon as we have a valid unlock code for your game.

Chad H.
THQ Store
Customer Service

I still have no 'unlock code' and they still have my money, and I am still waiting (another two days) for a followup response. I see many complaints against this company - DO NOT PURCHASE THROUGH DIGITAL RIVER - if you are a vendor - DO NOT CONTRACT WITH DIGITAL RIVER TO PROVIDE DRM FOR YOUR PRODUCT - They are a disorganized and incompetent organization and possibly criminal.

  • Ju
    just a good sheperd Oct 29, 2009

    Well just for clarification, Digital River, is not the one who sell this products (as all of you keeps on insisting that they are the one!) actually, they are just an e-commerce company who supports the online store for almost 44, 000 different companies, manufacturer's and vendors all over the world!!! can you imagine those numbers!!! still can't get enough idea from this you stupid nothing for good people which the only thing knew to do is to complain and whine without even knowing what they were saying. (such a ###ic attitude!) Digital River are not the one who make the rules or decide over a purchase, they were just following what the vendor or the merchants told them to do. And c'mon, the vendors and the merchants are the one who get away without any problems, and the DR's agents are being blamed for something that they are doing the bext that they can just for the good of the customer and taking the vendors away from trouble~!~!!! and the worst thing is, those agents are being underpaid, force to work overtime! not being paid for those mandatory overtime and poorly trained by the management (and also the vendors and merchant's fault since they were not providing enough information about there procedure whos just taking the liberty that they are getting for granted!!!) Just heres the bottom line, when you call Digital River, expect that they may be insufficient to assist you right away, but rest assured that all of them are doing the best that they can to getall the information that they need just to give you all the information that your askiing from them and they are doing eveything to satisfy you!!! and by the way, they were also being forced by the vendors to lower down their AHT (average holding time) for 5 minutes a call! which is totally impossible to do, well i knew you already know the reason why its impossible, because you customer just take for granted every rightrs that you have, but how about the rights of those poor agents that your shouting, cursing, telling them that they were stupid, not enough for you, not good enough for you, hense your not even trying to consider what they were saying, your just keeping what you want to know, and when they say something that you don't like to hear eventhough its totally true that its your fault as well, your just gonna tell them "Are you a ###ing indian? i cant understand a single word that you said!" (by the way all the calls is being recorded so when you complain about an agent who doest speaks well using the English language, they will investigate about that, and God knows they were talking in a very fluent ENglish that even a deaf person will understand what they were saying!) you just keep on telling this complains and keep on insisting that they were the bad guys, but look at yourself on the mirror dudes, you were just describing and insulting your own selves!!!

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  • Co
    CongoNatty Dec 16, 2009

    I am getting screwed by Digital river.

    Bought the product using paypal, download was available immediately. (First red flag)
    They product asks for an unlock code. There is no unlock code provided, just an array of other 'code' none called unlock.
    Call them up to ask for it. They tell me i have exceeded the number of downloads but theyll reset it for me. (Dld it once). Then provide me with an email, called 'unlock code'.
    Again there is no unlock code given.

    I am being web-mugged.
    I will not let it end like this. mother###ers.

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  • Sh
    sholome Dec 16, 2009

    Digital River did eventually make good on the purchase. It took approximately one week but it all got straightened out and they offered a full refund of my money in addition to letting me keep the product.

    I believe they have a staff of people doing their best but some major management and process changes need to be made. If you can get someone to call you they will resolve the issue but be prepared to wait days and keep escalating the problem until that happens.

    I actually got a call after posting my complaint. They apparently monitor this board and probably others.

    Again I must be fair and say that the people that contacted me certainly did their best to resolve the issue working with whatever tools they had at their disposal. But the company appears to be completely overwhelmed and with insufficient staff and processes to conduct business in a minimally acceptable manner.

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  • Bo
    Bobbleh Jan 30, 2010

    Digital River sold me a game. I was not given an unlock key. After searching for two hours, I found a contact number. I was sent a unlock key which did not work. I called the next day, and was told I would have to download it again and was given another unlock key. I did so, and the unlock key did not work again. Upon calling again, I was told I must have a problem with my eyesight. Seriously. I was instantly dropped down to third grade again and felt as if I was the cause of the problem. I went online to look for help. I found numerous complaints along the same line. I began to feel as if I was scammed. I called again and threatened to complain to the better business bureau and the district attorney for Minnesota and was finally given a refund, after the man I talked to spoke with his supervisor. After all this, instead of an apology, I was threatened with a 100000 dollar penalty if I did not delete the program which never worked, and honestly, I wish I would have never downloaded. This is a clear cut scam, and I will never support any company which does business with digital river.
    I am looking online now to spread the word, and also learning for myself who these companies are, as I will not be buying anything online from any of them. I suggest you all do the same. If the above comment does not explain everything, read again and question"does it all sound like lame excuses for a bad business?" It did to me. I cannot believe this is allowed to go on. Let your dollars speak for you. Never support Digital River.

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  • Bo
    Bobbleh Jan 30, 2010

    Also to clarify, it is not my fault the agents are underpaid and overworked, and if you feel that way stop working for a company who defrauds paying customers. I had no problem personally with anyone until someone questioned my ability to see as if that was the problem I couldn't get the product to work. The reason I couldn't get their product to work is because they are overly concerned with the security of the product, and not concerned at all about the happiness of their customers. I am sorry for those that are overworked, and I am sure working for the company that you do, you are bound to take a lot of abuse. This is something you should have been prepared for beforehand, no? If I take a job somewhere, I know who I am working for and what I am going to be doing. The gentlemans attitude towards nothing for good customers is clearly the same attitude Digital River has towards it's paying customers. It's called contempt. It has no place in business, and in my belief, has no place in society. Don't support scam artists. Joel Ronning is the next Bernie Madoff.

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  • Re
    Reviewer92763 Sep 03, 2015

    This company, which I have never had any dealings with, has made an unauthorized withdrawal of $79.99 form my bank account for computer software that I did not order. I have NEVER ordered computer software from them. What the heck is this?!?!

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unathorized debit of checking acct.

I have no idea where this charge came from. I called my bank and they told me this company originally tried to deduct $328.00 from my account when that amount would not clear they tried for half that amount and was successfull. I suspect this has something to do with a $1.00 charge from itunes which charged $1.00 immediately before this charge. I have had no businee with Itunes since I am not subscribed to their service or do I have itune equipment. Companies usually charge the $1.00 to verify your account before they debit a larger amount; thats why I suspect someone at itunes made this unathorized debit to my checking account. If you further info. please call anytime at: [protected]

  • Bo
    bobtheman Sep 14, 2009

    Nobody from iTunes charged your card. Do you even know what iTunes is? A.) You don't "subscribe" to it. B.) You don't need "equipment' for it. The charge you had after it has nothing to do with iTunes or Apple. Instead your card was probably compromised and someone probably is attempting to buy things with your card. You may want to report your card as compromised to your bank instead of posting silly things to a complaint Web site.

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they took money from my credit card without to receive something, no order, copy in my email:nothing!

I wanted to receive the activation code for kaspersky mobile security installed on my Nokia in trial mode. The billing is made on the kasperskys site by this... partner (?) digitalriver.com a company from Ireland (?+353...). They did not send me nothing, not even the billing order into my email as is usual with other sites when somebody wants to buy something online. I saw I was charged 30 USD from my credit card and my bank told me they saw the name of this digital... company who took the money but until now, after almost 1 day, they did not send me anything! Unfortunately I did not write the number of the order thinking it must be an instant process normaly and to send it to my email. Now, all the complains of me to kaspersky company- they told to ask digitalriver and gave me their phone (!) like I am responsible and I must make more bills now and to call! The other, digitalriver, sent me and email where they told I must wait their order to see my situation... How nice, to pay for something, to take my money and to wait now for I dont know something now in the air!... Very unserious, unclear, I started now to change my oppinion even about well known kaspersky if they have this kind of... collaborators

  • Au
    Ausmerican Mar 23, 2016

    I tried to renew my Kaspersky last week. Thankfully, the bank saw some suspicious behavior and declined the payment. Somehow, while Kaspersky was trying to receive my payment, this Digital River, Irish Company was trying to snag $35.00 at the same time. They are hackers!

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  • Pl
    Plan Omwamba John Kebari Oct 14, 2017

    How did you get around this matter? I find myself in the same predicament. I bought Kaspersky and they gave me nothing to refer to...

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illegal withdraw from my checking acct

I have no idea who/
what this company is or does. They have taken $ out of my checking acct that was NOT authorized. This is illegal & I plan on pressing charges.

  • Ca
    cajunflavor Oct 28, 2009

    Just got hit for $197.00 from company in UK, dba, Dri*DigitalRiver.com . Called bank and found out other customers at bank also complained of fraud charges from same company. bank was not aware of how or what this company is doing. Mainly by phishing appears to be the way they conduct business. had to freeze my account, cancel my cards, move my money to a savings and have now requested an audit of my account for prior charges we could not account for.

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charges on my debit card no authorized

checking my debit account noticed a debit from a DriDigitalRiver- and or www.myord.comm for 109.98. I do not know how or where they managed to get my account number and charge my account, I do not even know what supposedly they charged me for?
Something needs done to stop these thieves from accessing accounts and deducting monies from someone who did not authorize it. I am a elderly man on a fixed income and this is wrong for them to do this. Someone needs to find out how this is done and STOP IT!

what is this? y'all have norton. I don't.

Looking at all of your complaints on this charge it appears that this is connected to Norton users. I don't use Norton. I use CA.

Not nice having odd anonyninja charges plugged into your account. Funny they have access to my account, but I have no idea who they are. Only information on my acct is DRI*DIGITALRIVER.C WWW.MYORD.COMMNUS. Bank couldn't tell me anything right off hand, and I have to wait to contest the charge until it clears.

Shouldn't somebody be getting arrested for this?

  • Bi
    biker612006 Sep 08, 2009

    yes i got charged for sumthing i dont know wat it is, this was the website it gave me.
    i jus want my money refunded back to me.

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  • Tw
    twatson06 Sep 14, 2009

    The same thing has happened to me? How did yours turn out? Please let me know! My bank says they can't do anything about it until it clears! I should be able to stop any charge on my account!!!

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inquiry about purevideo

My hard drive crashed recently, and I have been slowly rebuilding roughly 300GB of information I lost. One of the applications that was lost in this was Nvidia's purevideo. I also lost all of my emails. So I thought I would try nvidia's tech support to try and get it back. Little did I know that they've outsourced to Digital River, a very large download-on-demand company that does business with Microsoft, Nvidia, etc.

Here is what has transpired between us for the last 2 weeks. Start at the bottom and work your way up for the order of events (deleted personal information)

Dear (guy),

Thank you for choosing NVIDIA Store.

We apologize for the confusion about the last email you received. Please
double click on the link below further assistance with the product you

Our contact information has changed. If you require the assistance of
our Customer Support Team representatives, please visit our Customer
Support at:

Europe: http://www.symantecstore.com/eu/cs
Norway: http://www.symantec.com/region/no/te...t_options.html

Finland: http://www.symantec.com/region/fi/te...t_options.html

Denmark: http://www.symantec.com/region/dk/te...t_options.html

Sweden: http://www.symantec.com/region/se/te...t_options.html

APAC Region/Australia/New Zealand: http://www.symantec.com/region/reg_a.../consumer.html

Here, you can request information regarding the following:
- Download a digital order
- Check the shipping status of a physical order
- View and print an invoice
- Questions on installation
- Errors in software
- Help with features
- Updates, new drivers
- Subscription issues
- General questions regarding the product

Thank you for contacting the NVIDIA Store.

Rossa M.
Email ID: [protected]

Original Message Follows: ------------------------
Electronic Arts?!?! I sent this about Nvidia's purevideo application
that I downloaded from www.nvidia.com! How did you come up with
Electronic Arts? Look it up again. I know you've got the information in
your database that I DID purchase and download one of Nvidia's
Purevideo applications. I paid between $20-30 for the application, and I
demand that I get the original download information from that purchase.
If you need a credit card number OR any information corresponding to the
purchase, I'll be happy to oblige. However, sending me an email that you
don't handle customer service for a company that I didn't mention
ANYWHERE in my email is unacceptable.

Either try again, or I will be corresponding with nvidia directly about
this issue.


On Wed Aug 12 17:14, NVIDIA Service sent:

Dear (guy),

Thank you for contacting Digital River.

Unfortunately, we do not handle customer service for Electronic Arts.
Please return to their website for their contact information so you may
inquire about the product.

Web: http://support.ea.com

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Manuel T.
Customer Service
Digital River, Inc.
Email ID: [protected]

Original Message Follows:
A shopper has emailed customer service with a request. The following
reasons were selected for the contact, and the specified email address
was given for contact.

Selected Reasons: DownloadQuestion - LostOrder
Shopper Email: deleted
Shopper Comments: I tried to look up my download of the nvidia DVD
codec, and I couldn't find it. I also tried using my old email address
(deleted) and that doesn't work either. I need help. I
know I purchased the software, but I do not have what I need to
redownload it (My Hard drive crashed, so I lost all my emails, including
the one confirming my order.) If you need the credit card number, I may
still have it (old debit card that's been replaced recently) Please

If an associated requisition exists, the following fields were
Order ID:
Order Date:
Site ID:
Site Name:
Shopper Name:

Order Summary:

Digital River

[protected] credit card charge

I am in the same boat. This compony has charged my account $68. 99. I also ordered from norton anti viris, and some how am being charged from dri*digitalriver.com. The down fall is unless i cancel my card number they can take any thing they choose. Im working with my credit card compony to have the funds put back. But really not sure it will happen. So in the mean time i'm out $68. 99. And for what ? Debbie

unauthorized charge

I was charged twice for a renewal for norton antivirus. once for a manual renewal and again from dri*digitalriver.com www.myord.commn for which I did not ask. these charges would have gone unnoticed for awhile if I had not immediately checked my account online and found the 2 charges deducted at exactly the same time on the same day.

  • Be
    BernMelton Aug 17, 2009


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