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Complaints & Reviews

unknown charge


Unknown charges from my credit card under name of digital river WWW.DIGI.SHANNON of £39.95 and £5.95 on 17 feb 2010. Have blocked card and currently investigating.

(see similar complaint july 2009 below)

Unauthorised charge from my credit card under name of digital river WWW.DIGI.SHANNON - £39.99 and £4.99 18/07/09. Used my card to update anti virus subscription on this date paid similar amounts - cannot activate what I have purchased. Have blocked card and investigating.

unauthorized use of credit card

Digital River has charged my visa credit card for $321.26 for a transaction posted March 23, 2010 that I never made. I had to cancel my credit card, and I have to fill out paper work for Visa. And I am without my card for a week or more. This is an outrage. Thousands and thousands of web sites come up when "digital river fraud" is googled.

tried to take money from my account without my consent

I have been called by my bank asking me about a transaction made with Digital River, whereas I have never bought anything from them.

Please be careful!

  • Wm
    WMOSS May 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Digital River/ Avast! "element 5" people... (I have noted the numerous posts about Avast!4/Digital River. These are almost certainly the very same people. They are changing their name as product promotions come along.) I hold a copy of my invoice, and keep it saved in Google Docs, but the activation key code (which they zipped up so it can't be viewed) does not register the product (avast! Internet Security 5). When I went to the DRe5 website to complain, their system asked me to enter my email address and the last 5 digits of the credit card. I did this, and their system tells me there was no such order! I have the invoice! Invoice for order # 333084685 dated 31-MAY-2010. Now, when I tried to get help from the so-called avast forum, the problem got even worse: I had to register for the forum, which requires my email address, a user name, and a password creation. I did all that, and, guess what, when I try to actually sign in, it asks me if I "forgot" my password and gives me the option to receive "another" reactivation through email. It keeps doing this over and over again. I have about five "account activation" emails in by in box. They are apparently useless, at least to me. I can't even call up a "reminder" for the password, as their system suggests, because it never offered me an opportunity to make or respond to one in the first place! The fact is, I did NOT forget my password. Now I suspect that someone besides me (hopefully just these DR element idiots) who reset my password, has access to the avast!WEBforum from MY email account. I tried to create a new avast!Webforum account, but of course I cannot use a different user name because, "someone else with that email address already is a member." There is no way I am supplying these people with another email address. My avast! Internet Security 5.0 is still not registered (not to me, anyway) according to my copy of the software. Frankly, I can't tell whether it's these DR element 5 people or avast! who is to blame. Probably both.
    I should add... whenever I do manage to log a complaint here, avst/dr locks up my system, and announces "virus database has been updated!" Interesting. I also want to say that this is not about "waiting." The invoice they sent to me was postdated by one day. (I actually ordered the product on the 30th.) Why they do that kind of thing is a mystery. I was indeed informed that my order could take up to 24 hours to process, however they did, in fact, go ahead the next day, on the 31st, and send me an alleged activation key (zipped up and inoperable, of course). After my computer was made to say that my upgrade was accepted, I could still not log on to the so-called avst forum. They (whoever “they” are) obviously want me to keep buying the product over and over again. I guess they are now going to try and claim that their computer systems needed time to adjust. I wonder if my "forgotten" password works now? Something is seriously wrong with those people. Caveat emptor.

    0 Votes

invaild registry key

On Feb.23-2010 I purchased a product called Registry Booster 2010 online. I requested on the order form to pay by check so I did. The check amount was 29.99 made out to Digital River GmbH, and was asked to put #[protected] as the reference number on the check .which I did that.On March 4 2010 I received the confirmation e-mailand download link and license key number to unlock and activate the registry booster 2010.When I put the number in the serial number box it said that it was invaild. I tried several times, but the same thing happened.I even contacted uniblue about this but they said that Digital River has to give me the serial number to unlock it. The license key sent to me in the e-mail was RB-W7UK5-7Z026-FSL5Y-F6ET9-X5JUX-RDAT5. When I tried to find out the serial number and order confirmation thru AVG I didn"t see on my account information. The ticket number that uniblue gave me on this matter is LTK145019752184X. I have been trying to get the proper serial number to unlock the registry booster since March 4 2010. I need a vaild serial number and download link sent to me at [protected]@yahoo.com, or if not a refund of the $29.99 that I have already paid for the Registry Booster 2010. I already have a two year anti virus protection through your company and did"t have this kind of trouble downloading and unlocking it. So again another download link and serial numbera vaild one or a refund. Sincerely James Bright


I just recieved a call from my bank requesting myself to approve charges on my debit card for $146.98. I have never look at there website or would have a need to buy and thing from them. Digital River is a scam...

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product not delivered

I ordered a software product - dvdfab advertised by digital river and it stated that I would receive a download link and registration code via e-mail immediately. I never received it. I sent numerous e-mails to swreg.org and received no replies. I then contacted digital river via telephone [protected]. They told me they take your money but have no control over when the vendor would deliver the product - if ever. I told them that this was false advertising on their website as they state very specifically that you will receive the download link and registration via e-mail immediately. They told me there is nothing they can do about it.

If you ever see something advertised by either digital river or swreg.org as an electronic transaction site - run!

These people are running a scam and take no responsibilities for the vendors they support.

I filed a formal complaint with the federal trade commission.

unauthorised charges

I got lucky! Due to my own mistake! My new hp computer came with norton/symantec antiviris protection which...

unauthorized debit transactions

Holy cow, people!!! When are we going to get these crooks??!! My debit card has 4 fraudulent charges on it from these hackers. 64.99-Digital River, 14.99-Ncsoft.com (been mentioned in other complaints affiliated with Digital River), another 14.99 from Ncsoft, and a 75.00 paypal charge linked to the debit card, which searched back to microsoft (also affiliated with Digital River in previous complaints). That's just since yesterday, I don't know if there's more yet till tomorrow. I've had to cancel my debit card (which is the ONLY thing i use), wait till these transactions complete, then file claims with my bank to see when I can get my money back!! Something has to be done, someone, somewhere better do something QUICK!!!

credit card fraud

It has come under my attention that unautherised purchases were made on my American Express card. This purchase was on 04/02/2008 for internet security software from Digital River under the name of www. Digl Shannon, for USD 39.95 and a second purchase of USD 29.95.

  • Je
    JeromeA1 Feb 06, 2012

    I also have experienced an extremely similar scenario. WWW.DIGI SHANNON was also the description on my statement for an unexpected payment via my American Expres card for £29.99. The legal protection team are currently looking into it for me.

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taken money from my account

I have unauthorized charges in the amount of $ 92.69 taken from my debit card.
I dont know how Digital River Int Luxembourrg Lu charges me without me know this
company.I'm really stress and need to have that money credited back to my account

Yohana Symes

  • Re
    Renee Rademaker Nov 16, 2011

    I had an unauthorized payment off my debit card in the amount of $135.99 on 11/14/2011. Please tell me how to recover this money.

    0 Votes

unauthorized debit charges

On jan 4th 2010 I bought a i-tunes gift card on line. at the same time a company called digital river luxembourg billed my debit card for 117.57 twice.
I had just gotten my financial aide from the college I am attending and put 500.00 on my pre-paid green dot credit card for the purpose of buying textbooks. then digital river hit me twice for 117.578 and just like that my book money is gone. now I have no textbooks for college.
Greendot won't reverse the charges, even though I said I did not order anything from this company.
Digital river does not list a phone # only a contact email box. as of today I still havenot received my money

  • Ri
    RichardCB Nov 18, 2009

    Dear DL Rep,

    On 11/18/09 my checking account had 2 unknown charges of:

    11/18/09 DIGITAL RIVER LUXEMBURG 01 $101.83
    11/18/09 DIGITAL RIVER LUXEMBURG 01 $101.83

    I don't have any completed authorized transactions in this time period
    will you please kindly refund the money back into my account:


    Richard B Kelley
    [email protected]

    0 Votes
  • St
    Steve Anderson Nov 27, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Two charges of $207.87 appeared on my checking account from Digital River Luxemburg, on November 27, 2009 (today). Unfortunately, I have NO idea what the product/purchase is for. Therefore:

    (1) Please provide IMMEDIATE response/information to me with details regarding the product that I reportedly purchased, (2) Please delete the charge. OR
    (3) Expect to have my Bank deny payment and investigate your company.

    Respond to: Mr. Steven Anderson, 1215 St. Anne St., Crookston, MN 56716

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  • Ch
    Cheryl Carr Dec 04, 2009

    I received a charge on my debit card of $123.28 on Dec 4 at 7:16 am from Digital River Luxemburgand I want to know how to stop this from happening again.

    0 Votes
  • Ch
    Cheryl Carr Dec 04, 2009

    The address is totally wrong for the company name I sent a moment ago. The address is my address in Atchison Kansas and is not the Digital River address.

    0 Votes
  • Mc
    mckmom71 Feb 02, 2010

    I have a charge on my debit account for $109.93 from Digital River Luxemburg & I did not order anything or approve of this debit. I don't even know what this company is or does. Please credit this back to my account right away!!!

    0 Votes
  • Ja
    Jay Seamans May 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That’s Fine and all Kelly! but I won you Lowes gift card on eBay about a week back and the bogus tracking number you gave me is still bogus! Where is my gift card Kelly this was for my brothers weeding gift?


    I have all your contact info now Kelly and will be filing with your local sheriff if I do not get my Card?

    0 Votes
  • Ja
    Jay Seamans May 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Lexi West | Mark Westley

    0 Votes

order no. [protected] (kmm24311586i11273lokm)

I placed an order to have Norton put on my new Gateway Notebook. However, when I received confirmation of the order, it stated that I had chosen to have the money wired from my bank. I didn't do this. I placed the order and requested it be put on my credit card. I even submitted all the credit card information.
Is there a way to change this order to have it put on my credit card or do I need to cancel this order and place a re-order?
Kathy Norrod

  • Ro
    rouge000000 Dec 27, 2009

    Im one of the CSRs in Digital River, please be advised that Digital River no longer supports customer service of since 2006, if you want to get their number feel free to call our general pool department and they will provide with the correct number to call to. And just for clarification, in digital river, we never ever accept Wire Transfer except for small companies such as herbal products and medicines, but for Symantec, never have I heard of an email being sent to the customer to pay through Wire transfer, if ever you did received one and since you have an order number, just cancel that order and order from Symantec ( which is the publisher of Norton Anti-Virus). And also one more thing, Digital River is not a 3rd party reseller of any companies or manufacturers that we support (almost 44, 000 different companies) all of them are just paying us to take orders from the customer and then the only thing that we do is to forward that orders to their database and they the one whos gonna process the transaction. The only main responsibility that we do with these transaction is to make sure that the customer's received the product. If not, we can just go ahead and send a notification to the vendor and request for a resend or reshipment. WE ARE NOT THE ONE WHOs SETTING THE RULES ON OUR END. WE ARE JUST FOLLOWING A CERTAIN POLICY THAT OUR CLIENTS SETS FOR US! IF ONLY WE HAVE EVERY TOOLS THAT WE CAN USE TO GRANT ALL YOUR REQUEST, WE WILL BE MORE THAN GLAD TO DO IT FOR YOU! WE ARE ALSO HUMAN BEINGS WHO UNDERSTANDS HOW IT FEELS IF WE ARE THE ONE ON YOUR END. JUST TRY TO IMAGINE YOU ARE THE ONE IN MY SHOES! CUSTOMER SCREAMED AT YOU, CURSED YOU, AND TREATHENS YOU BUT YOU CANNOT DO IT FOR HIM/HER BECAUSE ITS EITHER IT IS ALSO THEIR FAULT, ARROGANCE, STUPIDITY OR THE POLICY OF THE VENDORS THAT YOU MUST FOLLOW OR ELSE YOU'LL YOUR JOB!!! HOWEVER WHOS READING THIS, IF YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING, I HOPE YOU COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND THE THOUGHT OF THIS COMMENTS!

    0 Votes

faulty downloads

Heres a long story about my experience with digital river...
As i am a british student, i found out that i could qualify for a windows 7 download for christmas. After contacting Microsoft about this, they said it isnt to do with them and so they put me in touch with Digital River, who replied quickly. Their English i noticed was quite poor but they understood my question, replying that there wasn't an expiratiuon date on this offer for the windows 7 download.
I waited a while and eventually bought the product and downloaded it into my computer. This took all day but managed to download OK (though i didnt have a clue what it was doing or what to do, the instructions were very poor and google didnt help too much). Because this was a custom download of windows professional, i had to do what they call a clean install, which meant i had to wipe the computer, therefore to install windows 7 professional, i had to use some software to burn it to disk first. (confusing i know so i will skip the complications...)
Half way through the burning of windows 7 to disk my computer basically brought me back to windows 2000, where they computer would all of a sudden freeze and the only way you could get it to respnd would be to turn it off at the main power. I tried to burn it to disk about 4 times before demanding a refund. They happily said yes.
Then i found this website and noticed people had complained about credit card fraud from digital river. I immediately called my bank and cancelled my debit card. They said they couldnt stop the payment going to digital river but changing my debit account number would stop any fraud from going on. [During this time, my computer would keep freezing so i contacted toshiba, my PC manufacturer and they said to do a recovery with the recovery disks which basically got rid of everything i had ever done on my laptop, luckily however i keep the laptop backed up.]
So now the problem was i had to contact digital river about them sending me a cheque (US- check) instead of sending me the amount through the bank. After hastling digital river like crazy and getting many responses that seemed never to answer the question, i decided to microsoft which had been the most success i ever had.
They were actually british/ american to start who actually spoke english and understood everything i said. They got in touch with digital river UK and eventually demanded a refund. Digital river decided to send the payment to my old cancelled debit card and microsoft told me to contact my bank to move the payment over to my new card. not knowing that with my bank, all payments that went towards my old card(s), would go onto my new one automatically. They had to get into their system and work out who sent me the refund, until they eventually found it was DRLuxembourg. i had to explain to them what this company was as they never had a clue why the details were so minimal, which sounds a bit dodgy.
Anyway, after weeks of being hastled, and getting microsoft in to sort it all out (try as much as you want, you will never find any phone information on the interent for digital river UK.), i now have windows 7. Although it is the cheaper option (windows 7 home premium), i BOUGHT IT FROM THE SHOPS, i bought the disk and it actually worked. Bye bye vista ;)

been charged for dri*smith micro I didn't buy!

Been charged $57, 49 USD from DigitalRiver US Inc. for something I didn't buy. Never heard of this company!. :-S

unauthorized charge!

I mysteriously received a charge on my card from "DIGITAL RIVER INT LUXEMBOURG LU" is what it says on my statement, for $163.50. Never heard of this company, I haven't even used my card lately at all, and online it's been weeks since I used my card. I think this company may be related to others, I have had charges from ZoneAlarm, MobileMe, and NCsoft all within the same two days! Now I have a bunch of overdraft charges at $34 each due to these crooks. Anyway, back to Digital River. I THINK I may have got them to take off the $163.50. A previous complaint listed these numbers that they believe are related:

I started with the first number, and the woman said that they have gotten people looking for Digital River before, but it is not related.

Then I tried the second number, which got me NOWHERE. The man on the phone asked me for my name and email then couldn't find an order number, well OBVIOUSLY since I have never heard of them. Then he told me I could fax my bank statement to their fraud department and would go from there. I do not feel comfortable with that at all, I don't know this company! So I said well can't you just look up my card number to see the charge? And so he did but he conveniently did not find any charges to my card. The only thing he could do was tell me to fax my statement to the fraud department with my name and phone number.

THEN thanks to google, I believe that I found the RIGHT number to get directly to these guys. The lame thing though is that it is in IRELAND. The number is + [protected]. I got it from this website: http://store.digitalriver.com/store/defaults/en_GB/DisplayDRContactInformationPage
And if any of you are like me and had no idea to call f-ing Ireland, you first dial 011, then 353 (which is the country code) and then 61 230 000. The man I talked to there said that the payment has already been cancelled because they believed it was fraudulent. Hard to understand him (as are all customer representatives) but he said something about how a certain product is 108 euros which converts to $163.50 which is what I charged. So I am still confused, I don't know if the previous fax me guy had cancelled it or if this guy was being truthful in saying it had already been cancelled. But the guy from Ireland did say I would get a full refund. So I will be awaiting that and hopefully once I talk to my bank they will stop the overdrafts for all this BS.

unauthorized transactions

I have 2 unauthorized transactions on my account in the amount of $204.97 made by this company. <br />
This company offers services in fraud protection which blows my mind because they are the ones committing fraud!!<br />
I am reporting them to the newspapers, BBB, News media and anything else I can get my hands on!! It is Christmas time and I cant even put food on my table let alone gas in my car to get to work. I have to wait for my bank to submit a dispute claim then we will see how long it takes to actually get my money back!!!

scammed by hacker to the site

I was scamed 0n 11/23 for 3 times 111.39 ( 334.08 total ) by a company named DIGITAL RIVER LUXEMBURG LU, as appears in my credit card pending transactions. I called the credit card company and they aid they'd have an investigator call me. I also contacted LiveLock customer service .
They said if the credir card company doesn't take care of this, they will.
I have no idea how they got a hold of my credit card number, I always shred papers that have any information of mine before putting it in the trash can ...
Use your favorite search engine, use the following words for searching : digital river luxembourg scam
... and you will find MANY complaints.

charged for 2 purchases that were not made by me

$102.81 was charged twice to my checking account...3 minutes apart. i called my bank and they said it ws charged using my boyfriends bank card. they froze my account and the card until further notice. I called digital river and their fraud department is looking into it..I c I am not the only 1 with this problem!

  • Se
    seatown Dec 08, 2009

    The same thing happened to my wife. Last week we received two charges on her bank card. One for $208 and the other for just over $100. Another was said to have been attempted but the bank froze the card by that time. We are now working with the bank to reclaim the money. Haven't tried calling digital river in luxemburg but now that I see others are having this problem we are going to give them a call. Baucan3 has there been any positive developments or progress on resolving this?

    1 Votes
  • Ma
    manwin Dec 11, 2009

    same with me today. as a former Mcafee virus tool user, i recognized the name as the billing co. for them. I called the company (after reporting the duplicate charges of 76.95 to my bank!) and they said they had no account info on me and that it was not mcafee who charged me. I think it may have been a former employee with info...anyone else here use mcafee virus removal tool in the past??

    1 Votes
  • Bl
    Blenjar Jan 10, 2010

    i have the same problem. Can you guys provide me with the number?
    my charges was DIGITAL RIVER LUXEMBURG LUX $ 88.89 . two of them, 1 min apart.

    1 Votes
  • Wh
    What the ****? Jun 06, 2010

    I need a contact number too, as the Amex Card people have given us a few numbers to try and speak to someone from Digital River and I can't get through on any of them. I think we will have to cancel our card so no further withdrawal's can be made, [censor].

    0 Votes
  • Re
    RevGinaB Jun 08, 2010

    Does anyone know how the company is getting our card info? I found their public relations email address and will post it below. Maybe all that have complaints can flood their system...

    [email protected]

    0 Votes
  • Re
    RevGinaB Jun 08, 2010

    Did anyone else recently order from www.vistaprint.com? I ordered business cards from them this week and they are the only company I used out of the ordinary transactions this week.

    0 Votes

paid for something I never got

I sent Digital River a check for an AVG program down load they were to get me a lis. # back to me in 10 day...

unauthorized charges

I had an unauthorized charge to my debit card in the amount of $205.77 (US) through this company. I have seen...

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