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Unauthorized charges on my Paypal Account

On monday 23/04/2020 my Paypal account has been charged twice with the same amount by seller DRI*AVAST Software Digital River Ireland, Ltd.

Invoice [protected] for an amount of 59, 99 Eur
Invoice [protected] for an amount of 59, 99 Eur

Not understanding where these amount came from and for what service I have to pay for, have been checking my mails, spam, deleted items, my Paypal activities, Avast products, etc...

I have never received any order confirmation nor invoice for these Software products. Even when entering the order numbers on their website to retrieve the password to be able to chase a copy of the invoices, no mail arrives in my inbox nor spam, nowhere.

So I cannot cancel the order nor subscription nor any automatic renewal. Normally I should be adviced when a software product comes to its end term as I ticked it 'on' in my account.

Searching for help through their customer service results in no reply.
While my Paypal account has been billed already. Paypal doesn't intervene and says that I have to pay them and file a claim/complaint @ DRI*AVAST Software Digital River Ireland, Ltd. and ask for a refund.

This is all very confusing as I don't know what to do. They keep billing me for something which I don't know how to cancel or for what I'm paying for.

I have spent so much time trying to find the information, to contact Paypal, Avast etc... but no customer service is available by phone during the Covid-19 restrictions and writing results in more frustration and no answers.

I just want to cancel all the active ongoing software products immediately and see if a refund is possible or at least know for what I have to pay for.

Has anyone had a similar experience to mine or could give me some advice to solve this please? Much appreciated!

Best regards


Transaction ID: 7XP98934CSO43535E
Invoice [protected]
Payment made £59.99
Date 24/12/19
I instructed you that I no longer required Avast security December 2018 yet you have taken funds out of my account 2019.
You withdrew funds from PayPal who closed my account 18/11/19 so I will take issue with them after you have dealt with my complaint.
I need a refund and an assurance that this will not happen again.
Yours sincerely
J Adams

avast cleanup premium

On 8th October 2019 I unsubcribed from Avast Cleanup Premium, Sub. ID [protected] and have their emailed...

unauthorized credit card charge

For the second year in a row I have had $109.95 debited to my Westpac credit card (xxxx xxxx xx48 4798) and I...

billing for licence renewal of kaspersky total security.

Overcharged $A597.75 for on-line renewal of Kaspersky Total Security, Extended Download Service and Backup...

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avg tune up

You have withdrawn £39.95 from my bank account with the coop bank even though I did not authorise this payement and months ago I informed avg technologies that I no longer used this software and did not want to renew my subscription. I also told my bank to put a block on any demands from avg which they have done. I am a pensioner age 70 living on a national pension one of the reasons I cancelled this agreement and deleted avg tune up from my computer was the cost I have complained to my bank and will complain to the local goverment office that deals with this type of thing on the ground that your taking of this money without my authorisation or consent has and will cause me hardship financial an otherwise as I am in poor health and you have left me £50 to last till the middle of next week. I require that you return my money as soon as possible. B coathupe

digital river ireland

28th August 2019 Digital River Ireland, SYDNEY debited $66.99 AUD from my account even though I had made no purchases through them- The description in my account was miscellaneous - go figure I have posted contact details for Digital River Ireland t for people like myself having difficulty in contacting them
The Seller, Data Controller and Entity Responsible for the Content of this Site is ... onal%2C+S.a.r.l.

Seller: Digital River International, S.a.r.l.
Company Number: 406071
Registered Office: Unit 153, Shannon Free Zone West
Shannon, Co. Clare, IRELAND
+ [protected] phone
+ [protected] fax
VAT Number: IE6426071C
Managing Director: Margaret McMahon
KT Schmidt
Publication Director: General Manager, Digital River Ireland Ltd.
Company Hosting Site: Digital River Ireland Ltd
Company Number: 406071
Registered Office: Unit 153, Shannon Free Zone West
Shannon, Co. Clare, IRELAND
+ [protected] phone
+ [protected] fax
VAT Number: IE6426071C
Managing Director: Margaret McMahon
KT Schmidt
The Online Dispute Resolution Platform provided by the EU ("ODR-Platform") is accessible via the following link:

digital river ireland

Digital River

unauthorised transaction on my credit card

$79.99 was taken from my credit card on the 26-7-19 without my permission. i have not purchased anything thi...

cylance smart antivirus

On 7/22/2019, I was charged for this antivirus product, which I have never even heard of! The amount came directly from my Pay Pal account, who denied my claim, saying I HAD authorized it! I am now getting ready to fight that. I want my money back!

(When I came across this site of complaints about this company, I was both surprised, but then not so much. I'm sorry this has happened to so many. )

These people are fraudulent and I don't know how they are getting away with it. And I agree with others who said they are practically unable to contact these people!!

Becky P

cargo a paypal no autorizado

Tengo una cantidad no autorizada de $ 33.07 de Paypal en mi tarjeta Mastercard. No he comprado nada de su compañía y no necesito seguridad de Internet que es lo que se refiere. Necesito que la cantidad sea revertida de nuevo en mi cuenta, por favor,
fecha de operacion 12-07-2019
fecha de presentacion 13-07-2019
No tengo idea por que debitaron sin autorizacion

cargo a paypal no autorizado
cargo a paypal no autorizado

Digital River

I dont know what the product is.

I am constantly having to follow up weird deductions from my visa account. This is just another deduction I have found that I know nothing about.
I have no idea what your company does and I can find no reason why you would debit my account. I am requesting that the money be returned to my account. I am an age pensioner and cannot afford to lose that amount of money from my account. I am at a stage where I do not use my computer much because of the the times this sort of thing happens.

  • Updated by Diane Osborne · Jul 09, 2019

    Why is there an ad on the bottom of my complaint. No wonder people of my age get confused. Please fix this as I need to pay my rent.

unauthorised paypal payment taken by digital river ireland, ltd.

I appreciate this is a small amount of money but I would very much like it refunded.

I bought an item of computer software from yesterday via Paypal. I authorised one payment to the company, but Digital River Ireland, Ltd. illegally took a second payment of $23.99 from my debit card via Paypal shortly afterwards.

The Paypal transaction details are:
8 Jun 2019 20:43:52 BST
Transaction ID: 1DU718809D478013G

If the money is refunded via Paypal, it needs to be through the Issue a Refund section.
I hope you're able to help.

Kind regards,
Helen Poskitt ([protected]

unauthorised transaction.

It is almost impossible to even get hold of anyone at this company. I canceled my subscription with AVG / AVAST weeks ago and still, this morning £49.99 has been taken out of my account. I would appreciate an instant refund for this, I have had to change my card and everything so it doesn't happen again. I work my ass off for my money and don't appreciate it being taken out of my account without my authorization. Please fix this asap as I need that money.

unauthorised charges

Who authorised you to automatically renew my subscription without asking me??
Kindly refund money immediately,
Polyxeni Spanogianni

Your subscription has been renewed
Dear Polyxeni Spanogianni,

Your AVG TuneUp subscription has been automatically renewed, and you have been charged the amount below.

Order details
Order number: [protected]

Product Name

Price Incl. VAT

AVG TuneUp
1-year subscription, Unlimited devices
billed annually

Automatically renewed until: 14 April 2020

Payment details
Card ending: ****************
Subtotal: £37.49
Tax: £7.50
Total: £44.99

Unauthorized payment

A payment has just gone through my bank account of €79.99 for an alleged order of AVG antivirus supposedly on 1.1.2019. My computer ceased to function about that date, having been left unused for more than a year without the battery having been removed.
I have not replaced my computer, and thus cannot use this AVG service.
Please refund the payment ASAP.
My name is HUGH COATES
My email is [protected]

  • Te
    Terri Weston Apr 05, 2019

    I have received a very similar charge in Australia of $A79.99.
    Have lodged a complaint and awaiting a reply.

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payments taken from my pay pal account without authorisation from myself. I have never signed any agreement to this company

After checking my pay pal balance I noticed a transaction to this company for £59.99.
I disputed this payment with pay pal and they say it was an authorised payment. I have since checked back on my payments for last year and the same company took a payment of £74.99 which I had overlooked. I don't know who this company is and I certainly have not agreed to these payments and do not know how they have been able to take this money from my account, I haven't signed any agreement of membership with them


Linda Harrison

a charge for $89.99 on my credit card

I used an old computer that has a free version of AVG on it. Last Thursday, Feb 7, a pop up appeared asking if I wanted to upgrade/update AVG. I hit the RHC X to close the screen because I didn't want to upgrade AVG. On the same day, a charge for $89.99 was processed on our card.
We are not aware of any other internet purchases made on the card on the day and many of the complaints on your system seem to be for unauthorised payments to AVG.
The payment only reference I can see is 0702 AUD000000008999.
Can you please tell me what the charge was processed to?


My name is sheila o'hare and I am an 81 years old pensioner. I have recently had a deduction of £49.99 that was automatically taken from my paypal account without my knowledge and without my authorisation.

As a pensioner I don't have access to this amount of money and it is worrying me greatly. Please refund immediately or call me on [protected] to explain.

Sheila o'hare

Ref: - b-2gy695030s406132r

avast. unauthorised charges through digital river

Re DRI*AVAST Software order [protected]

It appears, you do not keep your orders up to date. This order was cancelled during the free trial period. I was at that time advised, my request was accepted and order cancelled. Now in January, Digital River has taken $ 104.99 from my account with no authorization. I do not run the program, the cost refers to.

I now require you to refund all costs at your earliest, with apologies for your action.

BILLING ID - B-36W29047WT270243U

16 Nov 2018

unauthorised payment taken from my bank account

I have an unauthorised amount of $179 been taken from my bank account. I have not purchased anything from...

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