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If you like to be treated like a parasite! verizon will call you a liar and will shut you down from there on… (the customer is never right with verizon) they careless about how loyal you are to them and refuse to take full responciblity for their actions and mistakes! verizon will say anything to make a sale! that’s what kind of sales associates they hire everywhere! even the customer service number will tell you one thing then do another! no consistency! and of course they never leave notes stating what they just promised you! verizon do not care about you, your needs nor your feelings just if you pay your outrageously high bill!!! they will give you a hard time because they do not care what you have to say, and can verizon will waste at least 4hours of your time! after spending all this time going in circles they will have no resolution and will be glad you finally walked away a furious customer that regrets ever signing up with verizon!!! verizon wireless will loose loyal customers because of their “awful and terrible customer service!” my verzion customer service representatives are located at diamond wireless verizon at the queen kaahumanu center on maui! here are these verizon reprezenatives that has cost 27 loyal customers to cancel their contract and will spread this horrible experience to everyone! verizon should thank — >*matthew gonzales and kalei kaha*

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  • Ca
      23rd of Mar, 2012


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  • Jb
      28th of Jul, 2012


    Not that anyone reads these types of things, but if you do, you will probably be coming here after the fact. Nobody does their diligence and finds these complaints before becoming a victim too. In the event that you stumble upon here before, congratulations and please continue to read why you shouldn't waste your money at this location representing Verizon Wireless. First, the Verizon store at the Queen Kaahumanu Mall is an authorized dealer, A.K.A. Diamond Wireless. They are not corporately owned and do not fall under corporate direction or discipline. Don't let this detour you from filing a complaint directly with Verizon. Our complaints will hopefully add up resulting in Diamond Wireless losing their authorized dealer status to carry and sell Verizon Wireless service and products. After you have filed a complaint with Verizon Corporate, reach out to the individual owner of this store. This will take persistence since you will be breaking the chain of command and more than likely be directed to store management instead. Don't accept this compromise. Take it to the owner. Ultimately, if Verizon at corporate and the idiots with Diamond Wireless don't provide resolution, leave. When enough of Verizon's customers leave because of Diamond Wireless and their terrible service then Verizon will have no choice, but to end their contract.

    If enough in the above post hasn't been said, let me share my experience to help persuade the skeptical. I'll do my best to keep this short and not to bore. I am currently on my 4th Thunderbolt for defective issues. I was sent the replacement phone and went to this location of Verizon Wireless at the Queen Kaahumanu Mall to have them activate, download the phone book, and stored things into the new phone. Walked up to Kyle; who seemed bored, unfriendly, in an angry mood. Advised him of my needs and proceeded to disassemble the phones, when he rudely advised there will be a $20 activation fee. When I advised him of the last two times I was in the store for replacements and there was no charge at those times, it was like hitting a switch on a raging bull. His demeanor turned more unprofessional and standoffish. He rudely said, "If I don't want to pay anything I can go back home and do it myself online for free." I then asked him to transfer the phone book and stored things into the new phone. He got even more rude and replied, "Again, you can go back home, go to, and do it yourself." At this point my wife walked in to observe this unprofessional behavior. He of course continued to speak, act, and represent Verizon, the brand, unprofessionally in front of her. My wife, having 20 years experience as a Regional VP for a retail chain, asked for his Managers name. He then said, "He is feeling harassed and that he is calling security." Now this situation has exploded out of control. We simply ask for him to give us the Store Managers name and number. We went out to the parking lot to call. It was the number to "Fat Burger". LOL Crazy!!! Ultimately, we called Verizon *611 to complain. That is how we found out they are not corporately governed. Next step, calling the owner. Last step, if no resolution or action taken from owner on this employee, we're leaving Verizon. On the bright side, Verizon gave a $50 credit for the bad service of this authorized dealer. On the for real side, it isn't enough. How about a free month. That's next!!

    Point, just do yourself a favor and not buy from this dealer representing Verizon. Go to the one at 270 Dairy Road.

    They are not a Corporately owned store. Diamond Wireless is an authorized dealer of Verizon

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  • Jb
      28th of Jul, 2012

    Here's a great solution to those of you that have fallen victim to Diamond Wireless. All you have to do is get a black marker, large poster paper, and a stick. Make a sign that says, "Shame on Diamond/Verizon Wireless" only (For legal purposes of not slandering). Then show up at the Queen Kaahumanu Mall, park, get out, walk to the street and stand on the corner with your sign. This will be great positive advertising in a negative way for this location owner and Verizon directly. Remember, when strangers walk up to you and ask what your there for, only stick to your situation. Don't generalize, don't embellish the truth, and keep it short. I would bet anyone that does this a shaved ice ULulani's that you won't be on that corner very long and you'll get everything your asking for. Ok, maybe a couple hours. They don't want you on that corner, trust me from experience.

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  • So
      1st of Sep, 2014

    This business is shame for America and for Verizon .
    I canceled my insurance back in April 2014. It took me 2 hours of frustration. They made it a nightmare. Finally they said its canceled.
    I asked them to give me a confirmation number or an email that proves its canceled.
    They said we dont do that.
    After all that I just found out from my bank they have been charging me since April and still are charging. Any advice?
    How to deal with this kind of rip off.
    Its beyond imaginable.

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  • Pi
      10th of Apr, 2015

    I got scammed by Verizon aka Diamond wireless. They have horrible sales people- they tell you everything is great and you will be switching to the new phone under Verizon however when I got my first bill and the bill was 235.00 more. I immediately called where I purchased the phone had an argument brought the box and all additional items back I got a credit and a receipt.Not knowing anything about a 2nd contract and Diamond Wireless. Now here I am 4 months later I have a letter stating they placed me in collection for canceling my contract. I called and so I thought it was cleared up. Now I am getting harassing phone calls. They threatened to come to my place of work. By all means come find me. You're a piece a crap if you think your insulting calls are going to get me to send money to you. F off and keep pushing my buttons and I will be calling the news stations about Verizon and Diamond wireless.

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