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Panama, Panama

requested a quote at the counter. The guy (Alexander Figueroa) quoted me US$68.00 for the service to send the package to California. He requested me to go home and fill out the detaills using the DHL form from the web. So I did. Returned next day and proceeded with the Courier as required. DHL Panama sent me a bill a couple of days later for the amount of US$106.38.
I complained that the quote from Mr.Figueroa was US$68.00 and that they invoiced me US$106.38
A gentlemen called Emilio Rogers sent me an e-mail in which he tells me the following: " I understand you are unease on your last Courier shipment but this shipment was sent with your corparate account with DHL which has the benefit of 30 days credit to pay and your quote that was done at the counter is for customers that do not keep an account with us, therefore the charge is correct."
So very dissapointed with the fact the people without an account are given a better price and seems to me, Reading from the above answer that the 30 days credit meant an over charge of 56% for the 30 days credit.
Another conclusion is that we are better off if we do not have an account with DHL as it would be cheaper going through the counter.
So Mr. Rogers insist I pay US$106.38 eventhough Mr. Figueroa quoted me US$68.00.
I think Mr Figueroa should have told me that the quote was 68.00 under over the counter conditions and 106.38 if through the account. That he never told me.
I have already paid the US$68.00 to DHL Panama and I am now claiming them to fix that invoice for the remainig 38.38 that I should not pay.
So this is my claim. That DHL must abide with their quoted price over the counter and credit my account for the remaining USD38.38 the overcharged me.
Humberto Garuz Oliver

Oct 26, 2017

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