DHL Express / deceptive practices

I sold a bumper on eBay and needed to find the exact shipping charge. DHL claimed to be the cheapest based on online searches. I wanted to confirm I was inputing everything correctly and so I went to the DHL Location in Rockledge Florida and had them tell me the amount. The wrote all the dimensions, weights and the cost on the package. I collected the money and input the info into their online electronic delivery site after creating an account. The amount ($127) matched very well with the DHL Rockledge location (dollar for dollar), so I arranged shipment. Later, they had charged me an extra $108 for a total of $235. I disputed this and they could not explain why I was charged an extra $108, but refused to disallow the extra fees, even though the Rockledge location had quoted me the very same amount. I said, "If I would have shipped through Rockledge, I wouldn't have been charged $108 extra." to which the worker Theresa agreed, but refused to do anything about it. Now after trying to elevate it and getting nowhere, I am coming to you. I can't imagine I am the only one they are doing this to. It is a bait and switch. They quote a price lower than their competitors and then charge you an excessive amount later. My bumper sold for $40 on eBay. I collected $127 in shipping costs based upone 2 quotes from DHL (online and in person). Shipping cost $235, so I am minus $68 on the transaction do to DHL's deceptive practices.


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