DHL / dhl service is pitiful

Yerevan, Armenia
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Phone: 0035410586688

DHL's service is pitiful have ordered two different shipments from India and form two different companies, paid for both of them in advance for DHL shipment to my doorstep to Yerevan, Armenia. On 11 march 2014 I received a phone call from some employee of DHL Armenia requesting that I should visit their office located in Amiryan street in Yerevan and pay the amount of 8000AMD for some unknown reason and also represent a copy of my passport.Upon visiting their office, one of the employees who could not even speak a word of English tooke 8000AMD from me without issuing a single receipt for it and claimed that my parcels have to be processed by the customs authorities and after it is done I might be able to go and collect it.During all these confusions and weird sea of claims I would like to have the DHL personnel's attention towards the following flaws in their branches in Armenia:
1- We live in the 21st century and in current times no company such as DHL with all these claims of being number one shipping and cargo company should even dare to call the recipient and ask him to visit their office. You should know that email has been invented for these reasons.
2-No fee is payable to any personnel unless it has been fully explained and an official receipt issued for it.
3- All the personnel working for international companies such as DHL must be fluent in English(in my case none could even speak a word)
4- All DHL personnel should have an Id badge and also introduce themselves (which in my case was out of the question)5- If DHL is a shipping company and charges a parcel to send it to a country and more specifically to someone's doorstep, it is a ridiculous and laughable matter to request the recipient to visit their office and afterwards go to costumes and claim his parcel. If so, why would some one pay so much to DHL ?I could have traveled to India and brought the parcel myself.DHL company had made a promise to deliver the parcel to my doorstep and that is the price they have charged me.
I shall not tolerate this act of indiscipline and if the company is not going to be accountable and take responsibility I shall file an official complain.

Mar 10, 2014

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