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I've had a third and final issue with DHL.
It seems to me that they just create extra work for themselves and do not release the parcels.
- First parcel was held for a month, because they kept saying that my duties need to be paid, but they were paid in person!!! (they could not find the record of that)
- Second parcel was never delivered - kept saying that Canada Customs are the bad guy, not them, that they don't have all the documents. Yet, I kept asking what else should I send - they could not say. The parcel was sent Express!!!
- Third parcel was never delivered. Same thing - not enough documents and Canada Customs they said is the bad guy.
You decide for yourself, but I've ordered another parcel from the same place and used different delivery company - it was delivered on the next day. Canada Customs is great to deal with, they have rules and regulations, they are fast. DHL is like a molasses - if they got hold of your parcel, it would be a month at best before you see it! Avoid!

Dec 01, 2016

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