DHL / custom clearance issues

Dear Sir/Madam,
I sent a box of french chocolates via DHL express to my friend in Bangalore.
It was supposed to be a pleasant surprise, not a nightmare to handle.
Indian Customs still keeps this box for "custom clearance" for days, requesting my consignee to provide additional information: his passport ID, his driving license, his electricity bill, even his rental agreement just for a proof of shipping address. Surely, there is no need of all that just to deliver a box of chocolates. How come the chocolates come into category of "dangerous goods" or "luxury goods"? Which governmental decrea stipulates it? DHL India, is, of course, unhelpful. No answer at all. Which image gives India to the outside world? I feel so ashamed in front of my friend in India to cause him so many issues just because of a nice surprise of chocolates I wanted to make!
After experiencing all this, I would not recommend anyone to send anything at all to India. Not sure about other courier services, but DHL failed me already for a few times there. Every time due to the custom clearance.

Mar 09, 2016

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