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DHL / terrible service

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I called DHL to reschedule a delivery---the DHL rep kept me on hold 34 minutes and was very rude. I emailed the corporate office and confirm that my package will be redelivered 2/1/08 AM *but no guarantee it will be early morning. The corporate rep suggested that I call that morning to check the status of my package. Once I called I was informed that per my "request" it was changed to PM delivery by the same rep I complained the prior day -- but It was not a personal issue. Also that their phone calls at the "station" are not recorded in order to review my "request". At the end I had DHL send the package back to the retailer **if not God only knew when I would get this package. The rep would have continue to change the delivery day & time.

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  • Ja
      18th of May, 2008
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    The customer service rep should not have been rude, nor should you have been put on hold for any length of time for a request of redelivering a package. That is poor customer service in any light. However, as you stated, it was a RE-delivery. In a business where time is of the essence, and time guarantees are made, you must understand that an am redelivery is not an option. All courier services have am delivery guarantees for next day services. If they start scheduling re-delivery request during those hours, they will not be able to meet the commitments of those guaranteed deliveries. If your package was legitimately attemtped during the guaranteed time frame on the scheduled date, then after that time, any re-attempt comes after the next days guaranteed commitments are met. YOu always have the option of picking your package up at the service center in most cases.
    Also, when you call customer service you are getting just that, a customer service office. It is not the local service center, as they are not manned to handle phone calls. Their job is to take care of the packages, customer service takes care of the customers. The customer serivce rep has no control over the delivery of the package. THey simply send the request and the rest falls to the hands of the service center. Unfortunately, sometimes agents( at both levels) are not completely upfront and do not provide complete accurate information to the customer. This is what leads to problems. What I can reccommend is that you obtain the name( first and last-preferably at the beginning of your call- as well as what call center and the time of day you called, so you have a record to fall back on in the event that you are provided poor information. Unfortunately, the only way to get it through the heads of corporate that there needs to be accountability is that customers need to stand up and take action. Maybe if enough people stand up and voice their opinion regarding the problem at hand then they will start to realize that they way they are looking at the whole customer service issue is wrong and the focus must be on quality service to the customer and resolving their issues, and agents need to be held accountable for the information they provide to the customers.

  • Va
      17th of Oct, 2008
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    Package was suppose to arrive 10-13-08 still have not got it. Dhl said it was last scanned at waco, tx. Customer service *** like *** still have not located package out 140.00 for package to be lost and no one gives a ***. Have been advised package would be deliver the next day guess what nothing. Please do not use this fake *** company for nothing. customer always supposed to be first this is incorrect with company, they don't give a ***. Was advised they have 95% delivery rate but hard to convince someone who hasn't got their package. Please stay away from dhl!

  • Sp
      18th of Oct, 2008
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    If you called customer service and were as irrational as you are in this post, its no wonder nobody could assist you. But I will try.

    It sounds like you were supposed to receive a package on Oct 13, 2008. The last scan shows it arrived at the Waco TX truck hub. When you called customer service the rep should have been able to initiate a dock search and email the hub. The rep should have then called you back by end of day or sometime the next day with the result of the search.

    Unfortunately, there are good and bad people everywhere. If you call ANY customer service office and are dissatisfied with the answer, hang up and call again. Chances are you will get a competent rep who will work for you and tell you the truth.

    Good luck to you. Its only been a few days since the Waco scan? Has customer service given you an update?

  • El
      14th of Nov, 2008
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    DHL-One cannot complain about service THERE IS NONE!! Customer service - usually a different country with a foreign speaking agent. Refund Resolution-WE DON"T GIVE REFUNDS-regardless of delivery status. So what you never got your parcel, should have delivered yourself..

    Great Sounding Company-one that will make millions in the North American Market...

  • Si
      6th of Sep, 2009
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    My Aunt send me a courier through DHL on 11th August. untill now i did not recieve anything, when i contacted with the Airbill no# they said it's been delivered already. to find this thing i spent money & my time but i couldn't find any records that they delivered to my working place. but finally i found out that they delivered to another person. my concern is how they can submit such a important courier to another person coz in the courier clearly mentioned all details. i need your kind attention on this subject & i need my courier as soon as is very urgent for me.

  • Re
      6th of Apr, 2010
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    DHL said they would turn up on the day I picked to deliver a bike I had bought on the web.

    Took the day off and waited in for them. They never turned up and there was no reason!

    I waited in for them again today and I also called twice to make sure. I was made to feel bad for asking if it would come. Guess what... THEY STILL NEVER CAME.


  • Je
      12th of Jul, 2012
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    I orderd a package from Hong kong, On the 9th of july Dhl left me a unsuccessful delivery attempt, I than went online and requested Dhl if i can pick up my parcel from one of their office I waited a week for a response and didnt get one, This morning i called Dhl and they just told me that some by the name of Kayla C has signed for my package and it was left at the reception, the thing is I dont have a reception and how can Dhl be so careless and give my parcel to just anyone, can some one please help me please and tell me what to do next.

  • Vr
      30th of Sep, 2012
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    kindly save DHL name
    currently i am in jeddah, when i contacted on following no 038877549 in this morning the person not responding at all she's name Ms.Noora
    kindly advice and asked her to work propyl

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