Dental Worksrude condescending office manager

Have gone to the Dentalworks in Mentor Ohio since 2008. Have never had a problem and really liked my the woman that cleaned my teeth. All had ortho work done and braces at same facility. A few major complaints, first is the wait time for an appointment, normally sat 30-60 minutes before being seen for any dental visit. Then there is the constant reminder calls, hey I am an adult I don't need repeated reminders of an appt., they need a reminder I am coming so they don't overbook as they always do. The major issue is that they insist upon xrays that are not needed so they can bill the insurance company.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Mentor, OH The office manager there Sonia is a unprofessional, immature girl who should not be dealing with the public in any way. Trying to make money for the company and putting that before the care of patients is wrong. I was denied care because I refused to let them do xrays. I have had numerous and am a cancer survivor and choose no radiation to my head, my body my choice. The manager acted horrible to me and talked down to me, I am a grown woman not a child, she should be fired for her behavior. I let her know what she is and she threatened to call mall security. Its a shame that they have hired and employ such a person at this office. I do NOT recommend going to Dentalworks ever. Their policy is to make money, they couldn't care a bit about the person. They care nothing about their customers.

Dec 29, 2014

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