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Gave dollars for all my crowns three teeth are not right lots of pain on the right side of my mouth .im coming inti the Oregon location for a evaluation.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Holland, OH Al my dental work was don at the dental works in Elyria ohio by dr Welsh. I want this problem fixed and yes i will give you more money to fix your faults that dr will never touch my teeth again. I want this pain to stop. This is the worst service i ever had and it willbe fixed.

Jan 22, 2017
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      Mar 19, 2017

    A dental works dentist in Gastonia, NC did a root canal and a crown and it messed up my whole jaw and my bite was off and I was in so much pain for about 3 years. Had to get 5 root canals and another dentist to fix my bite, I didn't know what was wrong. Had to get an operation (root end resection ) they messed me up so bad. I told my root canal dr and my dentist and both said that when a crown is done it has to be right with your bite and if you grind your teeth at night then it's even worse. A miss aligned bite caused by the Dental works dentist on the crown and I grind my teeth at night caused me about 3 years of pain and several more root canals and crowns to fix Dental works screw up, Over $8, 000 spent. I have learned you get what you pay for, It was an absolute nightmare. I even thought about suicide and dental works didn't help me in the least after they screwed up my bite. Find a good dentist by word of mouth and stick with them.

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