Dental One Of Columbia Dental Practice / fraud to bank of america as of services completed

Columbia, United States

This Dental Practice made charges to the Bank of America with fraud statements and charges of service that was not completed. Went in with a loose bridge and the dentist cracked it in half trying to remove it to recement it. Then gave an injection to have a new bridge made (Dr. Barrows), and hit my lingual nerve which I had to take medication to hope that the nerve injury was only temporary. Then they said I needed a root canal to be able to have a new bridge, had it half way completed, and then I felt these people were NOT TRUSTWORTHY TO CONTINUE...Went too another dentist to have the work completed and I am still fighting with Dental One. This operation is run like a car dealership...tries to have services done that are not needed, and in the process of turning to their insurer which is located in Florida, it took 5 months to get an answer from them...the whole operation is truly a JOKE...I am now turning the whole thing over to go to small claims court where someone will have to appear and answer to my allegations.

May 30, 2015

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