Denny's / food - service

sunset blvd, Charlotte, NC, United States

we arive at denny's and walk into a line waiting to be seated.. got our name but was not called we waited for min. The manger finally sat us. I asked what her name was. We got our drinks and ordered food and we waited for 45mins for food i asked the server whats taking so long she said she was getting a manger..Margie came and said it would be right out.. and again we waited.. The kids got tried and cranky so we left... Was not happy with the way margie came to our table... She was rude and didnt care how long we were there. It seems like she could of cared less about us... So we left and went across the street to waffle house...NOT HAPPY WITH DENNY"S AT ALL Feel like we should be accomated for the crappy and no food even with ordering.:-(


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