Deltaawful customer service

I would like to share with you my most recent experience on Delta. I would like to start by telling you how excited I was when I learned we were flying Delta the entire trip, from Jacksonville to Ghana. In the past, I had always trusted Delta to get me to my destination in a safe and timely manner.

I took off from Jacksonville on August 1st to Atlanta, Atlanta to JFK and on to Ghana. These flights were pretty uneventful, until we got to our International flight. I knew the flight to Ghana should be nice, since we would be on an airplane for 12 hours. Was I mistaken! We were packed in this airplane like sardines. The seats were crammed together and my poor legs were stuck in one position because I had no where to put them. To make a long flight extra long, we were stuck on the tarmac for an hour and a half. Not a great way to start the flight. I was toward the end of the line when it was my time to board the plane. By the time I arrived, most of the overhead containers were taken, so the flight attendant took my bag to put downstairs. Even tough I asked her to put it somewhere else. I had nothing to read, listen to or study during this trip. During the flight, we encountered a flight attending who was rude and did not like us to get up, even though the captain had not put on the seat belt sign. There was an instance where she accidently spilled something on my neighbor and the words out of her mouth were very disturbing. When we arrived to Ghana, I asked the flight attending for my bag. She informed me I would have to pick it up with the rest of my luggage. I tried telling her all my identification was in my bag and I needed it so I could go through customs. When I got to customs, I tried explaining to them the flight attending had taken my bag that included my passport, drivers license and other forms of I.D. I had to wait until all people had gone through customs, and be escorted to the baggage claim until I finally found my bag.

Luckily, I had a good trip and put this all behind me. This was until I came back to the United States.

The flight we were scheduled to take from Ghana to the United States was delayed by two hours in the United States. This meant it was two hours delayed picking us up in Ghana. We finally boarded the little, cramped airplane again and began our long trip home. When we finally made it back to the United States, we thought we were safe and almost home. This was the biggest mistake of them all!!

We learned that our connecting flight to Atlanta had been cancelled. There were two other International flights that came in around the same time we did. They also had problems. So Delta decided to cram as many people as they could into this tiny room and try to re-book us. We spent two hours in line and ready to get to a Delta representative and get home. I guess it was almost leaving time for the Delta representatives because they were short and very rude to us. Before we made it to the line, we saw people paying off the delta representatives to get closer in line and we saw Delta representatives giving out room vouchers to people who were on my same flight. When we made it to the counter, we told them if they could get us anywhere close to Jacksonville, that would be great. We would drive the rest of the way, if needed. We just wanted to go home. We were told there was nothing for a day and a half. When we asked about a room, we were told Delta would not be giving us a room, and they would not explain why. I asked to speak to a manager and was refused. She said she was not going to call a manager for me. She told me if I didnt leave, she would call port authority on me. Basically, she left me with no ticket and no room at eleven oclock at night. I had never in my life been talked to the way the Delta representative had talked me.

Finally, I found another Delta representative, Yvonne Green. She was wonderful. She took us to the manager I had been asking for earlier. I explained my situation and told him the way I was treated. He gave us a room. Luckily, I had called my dad during this time and he found me a flight out of Newark.

The next morning, we work up, and drove an hour to Newark to catch a flight home. Its funny that the airplane from Atlanta to Jacksonville, a 45- minute flight, was huge!! We each had our own T.V. and the seats were very spacious. Its a shame Delta didnt treat us like this for a 12 hour flight!

My experience with Delta was one of the worst experiences I have ever had. Its terrible that the main thing I remember from my trip to Africa was my awful experience with Delta. In the future, I will choose another airline over Delta, due to the customer service I received at JFK.

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