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Delta Airlines will not honor me my $1300 credit because they say it has already expired. I was not aware of the expiration of my credit nor did I receive any information regarding the stipulations of credit for a canceled flight.

I purchased a ticket last August for the end of October 2009, I canceled the flight due to medical issues. They wouldn't refund my money and said I have credit for one year. I was under the impression that credit started from when the flight was suppose to fly out, which again was in October 2009.

Now ready to travel again, I call up Delta to check in on this credit. They tell me it was already canceled! They said the year credit actually started when the ticket was purchased, which was August 17, 2009. So, when I called them it had been 1 week expired. I tried explaining my situation and they wouldn't even budge. Also come to find out that I would have had to have flown within that year. I was also under the impression that if I had purchased a ticket within that time frame I could fly when ever. So, they tell me no and there is nothing else they can do. The credit expired!

I say bogus! Credit is credit and I should be able to use that credit when ever I want! It's not like I'm inquiring about it years later, honestly it was a week and I thought I still had two months.

Thanks for nothing Delta Airlines! You Suck!

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  • Te
      Dec 30, 2009

    A family of 5 from Australia had arrived at LAX via Delta, and was then told that they did not have onward tickets from Delta, despite the fact that they were holding first class full fare boarding cards. And that when this family insisted that they did have tickets, the Delta gate agent called LAX PD and accused the travelers of being aggressive and dangers to air security.

    Since I have had a very similar situation occur to me where Delta insisted I did not have tickets that I very clearly did have, and then threatened to call the police rather than clear the matter up, I wonder if this is a frequent call for your department?

    It was clear to me that the Delta agent was expecting the travelers (who were behaving very well, calm, and polite) to be intimidated by the police and thus shut up and go away. The body language of the Delta agent was hostile to officers and passengers, and I was sure that the agent was in the wrong and knew it.

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  • Up
      Aug 23, 2010

    I am a "Platinum Medallion" member at Delta. I purchased some SkyMiles by mistake and Delta now says there is no way possible for me to cancel the transaction under any circumstances whatsoever.

    Trying to resolve the issue with Customer "Service" was a complete waste of time. According to a post by one of their customer service reps on the Delta blog about reversing initial decisions made by their reps, "Unless we made a mistake on the initial review of your complaint the decision in most cases stands." (

    Perfect description of how to stick to your principles, never give in...and lose customers.

    So, I'll start traveling on other carriers now. Funny that they would give up $50k-$60k/year for my lousy $300 bucks but hey, if they want to lose $200 for every $1 of mine that they keep, I can see why they filed for bankruptcy.

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  • Dj
      Sep 21, 2010

    How is this bad services? You screwed up and assumed wrong on your credit expiry date. Everyone knows airline travel credits expire within a year of its purchase date (duh, you bought it on August 17, it will EXPIRE on August 17)

    Not their fault your too irresponsible to ask the right questions and get your information straightened out. Airlines have strict policies, for very good reasons too. It's not bad service that Delta stuck to theirs.

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