Delta Airlinesduplicate flight confirmation numbers


I made a reservation for three people on a Delta flight, and received confirmation emails from Delta. However, I received check-in reminders from Northwest AND Delta, making me think that I accidentally booked the flights twice. I clicked on links in each of the emails and they led me to 2 DIFFERENT flight confirmation numbers, and 2 DIFFERENT flight numbers, one on Delta and one on Northwest. I freaked out a bit more. I know that Delta and Northwest were in the process of a merger so I called them and they sweetly told me that all that info was indeed for EXACTLY the same flight. I tried to convince them that this was very confusing and more than a little anxiety provoking but they didn't see it as a problem. I called a few more phone numbers that they told me to call to formally complain, but alas, each number was the 'wrong' one to do this, so I am just complaining here on

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