Delta Airlineslost baggage

One of our two checked bags of a flight from BZN to BTR on Tuesday September 14, 2010 did not arrive at our final destination. It is now Friday the 17th and I have received no word about the bag. It was scanned at BZN, but has not been heard of since. There were two RJs arriving at BTR at the same time with fewer than 100 total passengers combined. There were only two baggage handlers to unload and load both planes. It took over 30 minutes for the bags to arrive at baggage claim. One of our bags was not among them. After waiting to file a lost baggage claim we took a taxi home in rush hour traffic for a $50.00 taxi fare that usually is under $30.00. I check frequently on the Delta website for the bag with the same "Sorry" message. I even called and was on hold for 18 minutes and the person answering said that she would email MSP to see if they could locate the bag. I asked her to call, but she said that they do not answer the phone. If I have no news about the bag on the 19th I will file a claim for over $750.00 and it will take 6 to 8 weeks to be processed. As a Medallion level flyer I think I deserve better service than that.

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