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Atlanta, GA, United States
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I posted this comment to Delta's customer service email on 10.27.10: On October 17th my flight to White Plains was delayed several times and then I received an automatic notification and phone that the flight was canceled. I held, at that time, a first class seat. I called an agent from the agent phones by the gate, she rebooked me on another flight that evening to Newark so I could get near my final destination that day. After rebooking me, she told me that my flight was NOT canceled and that I had to go to the gate to get back on the flight. At the gate I was told by the agent that she could not get me back on the flight and could only put me on standby TO THE FLIGHT I HAD A FIRST CLASS TICKET ON. After several hours, several delays later, another agent was able to get me a confirmed seat on the flight. By then, it was 7:30 pm (a 3 1/2 hour delay later) and then Delta canceled the flight. At that point, I could not get on any other flights that would even get me into the northeast that evening and had to get rebooked on the first flight to Newark the next morning. I had to spend the night in an Atlanta hotel and Delta would not give me my bag so I had no clothes or toiletries. I got to the airport at 5:30 am Monday morning, in the same clothes, 2 hours before my rescheduled flight to ensure that there was ample time to pull my bag and get it on my flight. Upon landing in Newark at 9:30 am, my bag was not there and I was told my luggage would be there by 11 am. I was driving 2 1/2 hours north of Newark Airport and was assured they could get me my bag at my hotel by early that evening. My bag was not at the hotel at 6pm, 10pm, midnight, 2:30 am and after multiple pleading, urgent, tear and anger filled calls with Delta baggage, my bag arrived at 4:30 am on 10.19.10. I had worn the same clothes since 10 am Sunday morning 10.17.10. When asked by Delta why I had not bought additional clothes, it was because everytime I called Delta, they would tell me that "my baggage would be there momentarily". Every Delta Agent and Customer Service Representative I dealt with during this series of harrassing events, except for the Medallion Customer Service Line, was rude, short, unhelpful, indignant an some were outright ugly. I had one of them hang up on me. After all my inconveniences, aggervation, and mistreatment by your staff, on top of missing a half of day of my very important business meetings and sleeping in the same clothes for two nights, the only consolation given by Delta was a $100 voucher for my troubles. It would take much, much more than that to compensate me for the anguish I experienced at your hands. I have been a very loyal Delta business traveler and have always looked favorly upon Delta and my experiences with your airline. However, after this extremely negative and distressing experience I am no longer going to travel your airline, will switch my Delta American Express to another carrier and have no desire to have any future dealings with Delta. I'm not surprised that I saw a recent survey that ranked Delta #1 in customer complaints. You are definately not the airline you used to be. I received the following reply back from Delta on 10.17.10: Dear Ms. Schmidt, RE: Case Number 1800387 Thank you for your email describing your unpleasant flight experience while traveling with us recently. On behalf of every one at Delta Air Lines, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused due to the cancellation of our flight, baggage delay and poor customer service. We realize that our passengers expect their flights to operate as scheduled, and your dissatisfaction with Delta is undoubtedly understandable. I comprehend the frustration you experienced when our Delta Flight 5481 operated by Atlantic Southeast out of Atlanta was cancelled due to the mechanical reason and realize your travel plans were disrupted. Further, I distinguish that interruption of this flight caused to stay overnight, resulting in missing your important business meeting. Feedback like you have provided will help us to improve our overall customer experience. Furthermore, I understand the inconvenience you were caused with your baggage. It is disheartening to learn that you had to stay two days with the same cloths. Like you, we certainly wish that instances of mishandled bags never occurred. Further, I understand, there is no excuse for rude or uncaring service. We know that we have an opportunity to make a good impression each time we serve a customer. We regret that your experience were not up to our high standards when at different time you contacted our baggage service center and our agents were totally rude, unprofessional and unfriendly with difference of reply. Please know, it is our policy to take special care to provide the services requested by our customers, and I was embarrassed to read your report of how you were treated by our agents. I certainly realize your discomfort when you did not receive the service you expected and should have received, as we expect our team members to be helpful and professional at all times. Please know I will be sharing your comments with our appropriate Customer Service leadership team for internal follow up. While we cannot alleviate the circumstance you detailed, we would like to extend a tangible gesture of apology for the hassle caused due to the irregularity of our flight lack of customer service and baggage delay, we would like to extend a tangible gesture of apology for the hassle caused due to the, I have added 20, 000 bonus miles to your SkyMiles account. Please allow three business days for the miles to appear. Ms. Schmidt, we want to recognize you as a valued Silver Medallion member and again appreciate your taking the time to document your concerns. Your patronage is very important to us and we trust that your future travel experiences will be entirely positive and without incident. Sincerely, Selastin P. Xavier Coordinator, Customer Care Delta Air Lines/KLM Royal Dutch Airlines _____________________________________ I want to point out Delta did post 20, 000 skymiles to my account, but the minimum skymiles necessary to get a free flight is 25, 000 miles. I still do not feel compensated for my grievences and do not plan on traveling with Delta again.
Damage Resulting
I missed a half day of business meetings with a very important client, when I did get to my meetings on Monday 10.18.10 I was wearing jeans and a knit top that I had worn to travel in on Sunday. I had to stay up almost all night on 10.18.10 pleading to get my bags delivered to my hotel as I laid in the same clothes I had been wearing for for almost 48 hours. I was raged and an emotionally disturbed. As a normally even-tempered, composed and nice business professional who always asks nicely first, I have never cried and screamed at a customer service representative in my life. Overall, it was the worst business traveling experience I have ever had, and I am a frequent business traveler.

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