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Dell Xps M1530 / horrible worthless customer service

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As always I am left pondering these questions "What is the meaning of Customer Service"?? and "Have the job descriptions changed"? or "Is it a language barrier"? OR "Do they not give 2 ***** about the customer"?...I have opted for last thought...just not caring in any way what so ever about the customer. Those days of "Hello this is Dell Customer Service" are long gone...the days when I could have my call answered in 2 mins or less...and with the same enthusiasm that I used to have on the best date I ever had...but NO...that is much too much to ask...not from DELL...oh NO...Somehere in between my 12th person that I talked to today who kept passing me around like the only woman on an island of Men...I stark reality, that my computer problem was never going to be fixed by Dell...I realized that the commercials were worthless garbage...I realized that other than the Awards that they were giving out for exemptional Customer Serive in India today (as I was told by the 10th representative because of the noise in the background) that I was getting nothing from DELL...that no matter WHO I talked to...short of the CEO which is getting a letter that won't be answered I am sure... is next...that Customer Service at DELL is without a doubt in the same sad category of all the other companies that decided to leave people standing in the unemployment line in America for the sake of saving a dollar...and in the meantime...the customer gets abused by non-caring people that don't even live in the same country. I realized that DELL is no better than the people at the bottom of the mountain when Moses came down with the 10 commandments...but what do I know? I only spent days on the phone with them...all laughing in the background like I said, while I pleaded with a fool to listen to what is wrong with my computer...Dell...there is nothing you can do to fix this major problem that you corporate jet trips to motivate your people...nothing..because the "Coor" of business is lost in the shuffle between what is RIGHT...and who doesnt care at all...and you DELL have taken the can sugarcoat it with hiring foreign can offer "perks" and the bottom line is this...the "Art of Customer Service at Dell" is over...because it is not in the "soul" of Management to help the customer any longer...

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  • Te
      29th of Apr, 2009
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    Purchased XPS m1530 and out of the box the obtical drive failed. The replacement optical drive they sent also failed. Customer Service was absolutely worthless. For a computer company Quality Control is every thing.

  • Go
      24th of Jul, 2009
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    Dell is among the worst when it comes to customer service and trying to purchase things. Recently I tried to order a few parts and was continually put on hold. The person with whom I was speaking did not speak the same English I did. I had to ask them to repeat themselves several times. The final time I was put on hold I, it lasted about 10 minutes. I hung-up. I called their so-called Customer Service to see if I could find out if my order was processed. I was told it was not. I asked if my MasterCard number was on their computer and did not get a satisfactory answer. I was then told to call some other loser so I just hung up and semnt an email to their Customer Service center and told them what to do with their company. Of course I never received a reply nor did I think I would. Once my Dell dies I will search high and low for an American manufacturer with service facilities in the US. Till then I will tell my story to warn anyone wanting to purchase Dell junk!

  • Ma
      8th of Dec, 2010
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    The same thing happened to me just yesterday. Was on their sit to place an order, it was glitching and processed my order without my reviewing it. I immediately called the cancel they said it was processed and They processed and shipped an order in 3 minutes?? I told the Indian rep he was lying that I havent even received an email confirmation for the order and there was no way they could of packed, shipped and processed an order that fast. He put me on hold several times, I asked to speak to a supervisor who wouln not speak to me.because his english was apparently worse than the rep I was speaking with. They told me there was nothing they could do despite the disclaimer on Dells website says that they can cancel an order before its shipped. I very angrily asked for a number where I could speak to an american rep. I was put on hold again an the rep came back and told me my order was cancelled!!?? WTF? I was even hotter after that! I asked them wahy they were giving me the run around and they hung up on me! I was lied to twice and was hung up on! Really? Is that how Dell takes care of its customers? I immediately called back and was routed to the Phillipines this time. I asked for a number for Dell Corporate or a number for an american call center and I was hung up on yet again.WTF is going on here?

  • Go
      1st of Jan, 2015
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    I have up to now had 2 run ins with Dell, I vow never to buy Dell again. I am in Australia, original run in was a XPS M1530 laptop puchased 10/2008 for over $3000. Within the 1 yr oem warranty it was getting hot, extremely hot after only 20 to 30 mins use and would every now and them flick to a BSOD and then shutdown. After getting a huge runaround and days of calls and emails and online chats, they finally during a call I made ( call 26 ) to reflash my bios to a previous version, this would keep my fan running constantly, that it was a known issue and that was the only workaround till they could workout the cause, they would contact me when a cure was found. They never called back, the workaround worked for about 8 months and then the laptop refused to startup, after another round of numerous calls, transfers, hangups and arguements, a technician got me to run a test on the laptop ( this was in 2011 ) the laptop test showed a gpu fault, tech advised was known issue, court action against Nvidia, poor soldering on GPU, Dell had extended warranty additional 1 year, but that to had expired, dell wont look at any option short of me paying for repair, laptop was 2.5yrs old. This time round Dell AIO2310, after only 2.8yrs just over it wont start up, Purchased 08/2011, tech had me test it while on phone, said it was the power connector in the back, quote sent for $680 to fix which is about 1/3 the original cost, I argue that this desktop at most was used 3 days a week, usually for 4 or so hrs but sometimes as much as 8 hours and would typically equate to 1 1/2 years usage but he was not considering offering anything such as discount or anything although I have been a loyal customer and it was obvious that I did not get the value I paid for out of the desktop, This time I am taking them to ACCC and fair trade, it will cost me $47 to lodge the complaint but its the principle, both times they almost dared me to take them to court with confidence in thier voices.

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