Dell Inspiron 15 Laptopabject customer service

I am 90 years old and bought a Dell inspiron 15 laptop on June 28, 2013. After several months of use it stopped working. As can happen with a 90 year old man, I lost track of time. When I took it to Best Buy on June 29, 2014, I was told the warranty had expired by one day. After making several phone calls to polite and courteous foreigners, I was told no one at Dell can resolve this issue without me paying for another warranty, which would amount to the same price of a new computer. I am saddened by the lack of understanding and empathy in helping me with my issue. One of the lessons I have learned over my long life is not to spend my money at a business which is unable or unwilling to help you. I cannot imagine to many American companies that would fail to come to some solution for an issue which is outside the warranty by one day. I realize I do not have many days or years ahead of me. But my advice to those of you who do: buy computers from Apple or even Acer.

Jul 11, 2014

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